Cinco de Mayo!

Yes, I know it’s a day early, but here I am talking about cinco de mayo. I thought to myself, “Hmm, I want to cook something Mexican, I wonder what I should eat.” And thought perhaps you all felt the same way. So here are some highlights of my favorite Mexican recipes on LNE ....more

Chipotle Aioli

One of the burger joints near us serves their fries and burgers with sides of this most delicious dipping sauce in the universe. Sometimes Ryan and I go just to stock up on tiny plastic containers of the sauce to use all week long on sandwiches and veggies. It’s SO GOOD ....more

Steak Salad with Horseradish Dressing

Wanna know how to make salad more enjoyable? ADD STEAK. We’ve been experimenting with Plated, the food delivery service (a separate post to come on that later!) ....more

Life, lately

Happy Friday, friends! Although today is more of my Sunday, as I work tomorrow. I know that I signed up to do this stuff, being a nurse and all, but I am super over working weekends ....more


Laaaaaaaaammmmm-behr-gehrs. Ryan told me yesterday that the “hamburger” has nothing to do with the word “ham,” that it has something to do with Hamburg, Germany, and if you’re interested, Wikipedia of course has a detailed article on the history of the hamburger. I digress ....more


It’s kebab season!! Or, as I like to call them, “ke-babs,” pronounced like the nickname for Barbara. KeBABS! ...more

Chocolate chip cookies with almond flour

Sometimes I laugh when I remember that joke about them being called cookies. “Shouldn’t they be called ‘bakies?'” Yes, yes they should. Here are some almond flour chocolate chip bakies for you ....more

The bridal moment, part two

We made an appointment at the same salon and with the same consultant. A month had passed — this time, my hair was blonder, I was carrying a few less pounds, and we brought a family friend as an unbiased opinion arbiter. I had thought a lot about the two dresses that had made the final cut last time ....more

The bridal moment, part one

I am NOT a clothes person. What is a “non-clothes” person? (Nope, not a nudist.) I’m just not one of those girls who gets really pumped up about clothing ....more

Easter, 2015!

OH HAI. Finally, flowers are popping up all over town, and BOY are my allergies out of control! I haven’t been sucker-punched by pollen like this in quite a few years ....more