What a meal plan looks like in this house

Sunday morning, while Ryan watched John Oliver and drank his coffee, I sat at the kitchen...more

Books, lately

The library hold list is killer. I’m telling you: nothing will incentivize you to read faster than hearing that the book you waited four months to check out is ready for pick up. [I am #52 of 386 holds on The Girl on the Train ....more

Wedding planning, lately

The wedding is officially less than 11 months away (I’m aware that’s still ridiculously far off, but still) and we are deep in the “booking your vendors!” stage. Although not surprising, I consult my married friends’ advice on how to plan a wedding almost daily. “How do you choose a photographer?” “How many DJs did you meet with?” “How much is too much for flowers?” It’s been immensely helpful to hear them say, “Oh yes, that’s the hardest part” (guest list) or “Yes, yes, the photographs of DJs are frightening and you cannot judge them on their hair gel.” Here are some things that have helped for me in the first two months of planning: 1 ....more

Life lately

Hello, friends! Here’s what we’ve missed. In about a week, thankfully, we have gone from this… ....more

How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

If this were two years ago, I would have celebrated V-day by wearing all black and scowling all day at happy couples. Last year, boyfriend and I braved a snowstorm to get dinner at the Mexican restaurant where we first met, and Someone trudged through the snow to get me the beautiful bouquet he had pre-ordered. This Valentine’s Day was a little more…real ....more

Oh! Wanna see my ring?

1 big one and 76 small ones. He did good ....more

On engagement and wedding planning

Being engaged changes things. Slightly at first, more in a “I have a different mind-set about us” way over time. Ryan and I had a few weeks of more-often-than-usual bad days ....more

Gluten free Special K

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Oh yes yes yes. This is the best. I love Chex cereals, don’t get me wrong — I couldn’t be happier that the General Mills brand decided to invest in changing their recipes (only slightly, mind you) to make them completely free of gluten and full of taste ....more

The Imitation Game

What a great film. I knew nothing of Alan Turing before this movie and actually kind of feel like an ignorant fool for not knowing about Enigma. BUT: If you, like I, knew not much about this historical hero, do yourself a favor and DON’T google him before you go ....more

One of those stay-with-you-forever books

I am so sad that I finished this book in a little over two days. The way that Jandy Nelson writes is spellbinding. I cannot get over the language in the text — I feel like I just read a movie ....more