Yale Fraternity Pledges Say “No Means Yes” and “Yes” Means … What?

Last Wednesday, October 13th, pledges of Yale fraternity Delta Kappa Epsilon marched blindfolded through Yale’s old campus, where many of the university’s freshmen female students are housed, chanting “No means yes, yes means anal.” A video of the pledging ritual hit YouTube later that night and has since received over 30,000 views and an uproar of community responses. ...more

What went on at Yale isn't extraordinary, but it drew public attention so strongly because it ... more

Dear Vampire Diaries: How Hot is Your Vampire?

How many of you out there have been bitten by the vampire bug? Okay, a few. How many of you have been bitten by the vampire bug and don't want to admit it? Yeah, there's quite a bit more of you, I think. ...more

I've never been into paranormal books (except for Patricia Briggs fabulous Mercedes Thompson ... more

Impoverished Parenting

I did not grow up poor. We were not rich either. At one point in this country, there was a rather substantial middle class. I lived in a large house with a huge yard. I had nice clothes, my own room, toys, dance lessons, piano and violin lessons, ski passes, horse-back riding lessons, summer vacations to Maine, trips to Disney World, and a week or so of residential camp. ...more

Thanks for sharing. Your courage and example is inspiring. I wish you the strength to have hope. more