Fighting Lung Cancer One Purple Pedicure at a Time

How many of you know someone who’s had or has lung cancer? My good friend Valerie was diagnosed in August with stage 4 lung cancer.  The first question people ask when I tell them about Valerie is always, “Does she smoke?” The answer is no. ...more
My mom is battling primary lung and primary colon cancer. This is such an amazing story. Thank ... more

Who Do You Tell When the Bully Is the Teacher

I caught a story about a special needs girl being bullied -- by her teacher -- this morning on the Today Show. It stopped me dead in my tracks. It probably shouldn't have. Given all the crazy going around, it is probably par for the course, but I guess I'm more optimistic than I often give myself credit for. I want to believe that people are kind, generous, patient, and loving. Especially those who teach. You take on the responsibility of a classroom, full of kids. These kids have different abilities. And it's your responsibility to provide a safe learning environment for each of these children....more
This school district is the next one over from ours. It is rural and good ol' boy system and ... more

Abuse and Down Syndrome: Protecting Our Children

I am not worried about speech development for my 17-month-old daughter with Down syndrome, Moxie. I'm not worried about when and how she will walk. Not worried her mastery of eating utensils, or really, much of anything. Except abuse. I am terrified of abuse. It can keep me awake at night. I breathe deeply and let it go and try as best as I ever can to not hold my fear in....more
I started to write a comment, popped up to your profile and realized that you are Deaf. My hubby ... more

Getting Hit by a Drunk Driver is Not Fun

This is what happened when a drunk 20-something-year-old female slammed into the back of my rental car while I sat at a red light Saturday night. Because of a young woman's irresponsible behavior and reckless choices, I spent the early morning hours today strapped in an uncomfortable neck brace in the emergency room as my back and shoulders were poked and prodded for broken bones.I had to stand uncomfortably in an x-ray booth wearing a lead apron over my 23-week pregnant belly, trusting that the exposure wouldn't be too much for Bug....more

I just spent a week on my blog honoring my best friend who was taken from us at the age of 21 by ... more

Play for Laughs week 11

Aye there matey, I must have drunk from the wrong bottle - I thought monkeys were a bit smaller. more