NaBloPoMo Soup: Add Your January Posts

You have posts and we want to read them. This is a way for people to post a link to their daily January NaBloPoMo posts that they publish on their personal blogs. Please use the linky feature below daily to add your post, and peruse the ones already entered in order to find great things to read as well as support your fellow NaBloPoMo'ers. Bookmark this post so you can use it all month. ...more
January so far.....this will be a good year! more

A Gift

Driving in the Momvan last night my daughter asked me if animals died like people die. This is a frequent conversation in our home lately, stemming from my rash of hospital stays and influx of relatives and friends helping to care for me and mine. ...more

What great news. Will be thinking of you and your family. xoxo more

It's in Style and You Hate It (I'm Talking to You, Kitten Heels)

If you're over 15 and have any interest at all in fashion, I've got some bad news: a style you hate is due to be revived. I know this because I've seen a lot of style revivals -- so many that I'm amazed that they can still take me by surprise. These days, the revival that's making me shudder is the Mad Men-inspired return of kitten heels. I hate them. I'm seeing a kitten-heeled future, and it fills me with a nameless dread. But I won't panic. Here's why: ...more

I say nay nay! I'm with you - I can wear 3 inch heels too but when it comes to little pointy ... more