The 10 Worst Prom Dresses of 2014

Scrolling through some popular prom dress sites today, I witnessed crimes against fashion, not to mention propriety. I saw perfectly adorable trends like peplums, neons, ruffles, and pastels massacred in cold blood. I saw highly dubious trends like Dynasty-esque beading, cutouts, ruffles, and the inexplicable (to me, anyway) pageant-ish ballgown look cross the line from tasteless to felonious. And—oh, the humanity—THE COST. Yes, cold hard cash is the motive for these crimes. ...more
One's even reversible! How convenient. :D more

Please Don't Be A Mean Girl

Bedtime is the sweet part of the day when Ruby and I finally get to be alone, and the moment when I get the real scoop on what's happening in her life at school. When Ruby is sleepy and her brothers aren't competing for my attention, she drops her guard and offers me brief glimpses into her rich imaginary world, her friendships, and her feelings about our family. Last night, as Ruby told me about what she did at recess that day, my heart hurt a little. She described hanging out with her best buddy at school and went on to tell me about a joke they played on another girl....more
My five year old started to fall into the "mean girl" trap. It's so hard to explain to them that ... more

ESPN Mag Announces Roster of Naked Athletes for Body Issue 2011

 If you prefer your professional athletes baring just about everything and showing off their rock-hard bodies in the process, then you'll love the upcoming issue of ESPN The Magazine....more
The thing that struck me--other than the fantasticly awesome bodies--was how happy everyone ... more

Putting the Professional in Professional Blogging

Conference:  BlogHer '11 Track:  Skills 3: The Business of You About You Name:  Amy Lupold Bair URL: There is much more to blogging professionally than SEO rich titles and catchy content.  Hear from four bloggers who have worked on both sides of PR/marketing campaigns not only earning a living blogging, but also facilitating bloggers being paid for their time.  Learn what works, what doesn’t, and what do you need to know to make the leap from journaling to earning.  ...more

I would love to attend this panel. Such a great group of knowledgeable women.

Amy ... more

Enter to Win a Kroger Family of Stores Gift Card!

I bought some Always pads, Oil of Olay face wash and and a couple of bottle of Pantene ... more

My BlogHer '10 Business Cards, and What You Should Think About When Designing Yours

[Editor's Note: While this post references BlogHer '10, the advice about creating effective business cards is still top notch. I thought for those of you preparing for BlogHer '11 this post could serve as a great support to your experience. Thus, no worries - it is STILL 2011 and BlogHer '11 is in San Diego regardless of what references are made within the post. Enjoy! -PaulaG] ...more

Completely bummed I won't get to hang out with you and Palinode this year. Sad times.

But at ... more

Do Vaginal Orgasms Really Exist?

When you think of a sonogram, you probably think of some grainy gray and white image of your baby’s hand waving at you labeled with the caption “Hi Mom!” You probably don’t think about the clitoris. But a couple of French doctors do (leave it to the French)....more

"Regardless of how the science works, I say that if the G-spot works for you, and you’re rocking ... more

The $100 Question: Tell Sweetney About Your Perfect Post

Welcome to The $100 Question, where fellow BlogHers are asking questions ... and every answer could be worth one hundred dollars! Let's meet today's host: Tracey from ...more

I have a couple of short stories on my site I'm mighty proud of and a few posts I'm not ashamed ... more

VIDEO: Bloggers in the News -- Today Show Debates Mommyblogging

Bloggers Jen Singer, Isabel Kallman and Susan Getgood appeared on The Today Show this morning under the topic: "Mommy Meanest? The Dark Side of Mommyblogging." ...more

I'm so glad you posted this video.

I saw the tweets about it but when I finally wrestled the ... more