Dear Muir Glen, I Need More From This Relationship

Dear Muir Glen,If you want us to be together, I’m going to need more out of this relationship. Hear me out, would you?We broke up because you and I had different needs. I needed to be able to make pot after pot of chili without feeling like I was serving up BPA stew all the time. You needed to keep your price point reasonable, given that there weren’t any obvious substitutions you felt you could make to your can liners.We had, in short, irreconcilable differences.Then, we had a post break-up chat. I sent you this little breezy message:...more

It Was the Best of Toys, It Was the Worst of Toys

The Campaign For a Commercial-Free Childhood, an organization that I adore, crowns a "Toady" every year. The prize is for the Worst Toy of the Year.This year's winner, with 43% of the vote, is a tablet computer for infants. For the bargain price of $479, your baby can be the first kid on the block to learn to tune out his parents in favor of a baby version of Angry Birds. (Okay, not really Angry Birds. Instead it plays Itsy Bitsy Spider.)...more

Veal Can Be a Conscious Food

I did not eat veal for the first 37 years of my life. I've always eaten meat, but since childhood I've avoided what I'll call the "Disney Platter." In other words, I didn't eat foods that used to be really cute. Venison, lamb, rabbit or veal were just off the menu....more

Outsmart Corporations...With a Sharpie

Have you ever wondered why the measurement cups for laundry detergent are so impossible to read?Consider that the outside of your box, carton, or bottle is stamped in bright colors in a giant font. Yet the cup they send you to measure out the high performance serum (or powder) is barely legible.  This is not an accident. ...more
I've been doing this for a while..... too much detergent leads to dirty looking clothes here in ...more