Gloria Steinem: In Her Own Words

Her assignment as a young freelance journalist wasn’t exactly telling of her talent or eventual influence. A piece on textured stockings. “I’m not sure I knew what feminism was,” says Gloria Steinem in “Gloria: In Her Own Words,” the one-hour HBO documentary about her remarkable life. ...more
Check out this clip of Gloria talking about the treatment of women over time, "What's New is ... more

[INTERVIEW] Gloria Steinem Answers BlogHers' Questions

When I got the chance to interview groundbreaking feminist activist and co-founder of both Ms. Magazine and The Women's Media CenterGloria Steinem, I knew I had to ask you: What would you ask Ms. Steinem, if you could? We asked here on BlogHer and on Facebook, and you brought the questions. And more via email. And more via Twitter. ...more
Great interview Elisa! I thought I'd also share this clip from an interview I did with her for ... more

Why You Should RUN to See Bridesmaids

I went to see Bridesmaids this past weekend with my husband and if you haven't seen it, run to see it... don't walk....more

Glad to see so many women engaged in dialogue in BlogHer. Fyi: Bridesmaids recently became the ... more

Zappos' New Ads Dehumanize Women

This is a guest blog from Imran Siddiquee, Social Media and Communications Manager at just posted an official blog in support of the Zappos petition. Check it out! ... more