Outdoor summer art activities

 The other day temps were in the mid 80's and the last thing the tot and I wanted to do was anything in the house. Sure, it's always fun to bring markers and crayons outdoors, but there are also lots of fun ways to get crafty with summer outdoor art activities that keep everyone cool. Along with helping hone fine-motor skills, these toddler tested (and approved!) projects can be done over and over and over and over.......more

Sticker finger paint

 @heathersteele03 We used drawing paper (not printer paper), which is a bit heftier, so the ...more

Spring blossom artwork

Scrap paper quilt

I don't know about you, but I've got a stack of toddler art that has had its time on the front of the fridge then gets put into a drawer - and then that drawer starts overflowing. Sometimes I cut out parts of the tot's art for creating homemade cards, but there is usually still a lot of creations that either need to be chucked or repurposed in some creative way....more

Peanut butter and jelly snack bread

Homemade Cardboard Box Oven


Roasted corn chowder

 I’ve been really into soup lately. It’s all soothing and nourishing, and super healthy for you when you make it yourself (unless it’s cream based, of course). One of my favorites is roasted corn chowder. It’s full of natural flavor as well as being beautifully creamy – and still healthy! The trick to this soup is roasting the veggies until they are nice and toasty, which creates an amazing base flavor....more

Turn off & tune in

 This week has been awesome. The weather has been amazing, the tot has been well behaved (as well as the adults), and even with the itty-bit of bad weather, there's been fun things to do. We've been here before, which really makes it feel like we're hangin' at our beach house. Along with some serious beach time, there has been some extra-long walks around town and along the boardwalk.Not much time for chatting on Twitter or posting on Facebook....more

Choco-nana cupcakes (with yogurt cream cheese frosting)

It's been a bit of a whirlwind over here. We delayed Christmas until my parents arrived late last week, the husband and I went out on a pre-New Year's date, and now it's the tot's birthday.I'm about ready to crawl into a quiet corner and hibernate....more