Sticker finger paint

 @heathersteele03 We used drawing paper (not printer paper), which is a bit heftier, so the ... more

Protecting You From Yourselves

One of things I loved the most about Jessica Spostwood's Born Wicked is that it is an alternate history. I find alternate history novels fascinating and I loved how she tweaked around the real history of the witch trials for her book. In Spotswood's story, New England is ruled by the Brothers, a religious organization that is ruled by men who fear women having power....more
Yeah, if I was around during this time in history, I probably wouldn't have done very well. But, ... more

Living With the Consequences

For every choice there is a consequence. Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's not. In Jessica Spotswood's Born Wicked, Cate thought that she was doing the right thing by trying to keep her sisters out of the public eye. It turned out by not being in public she might well have exposed them all to greater suspicion. ...more
I try to go with my gut - but often spend so much time worrying about making any big decision ... more

Born That Way

In Jessica Spostwood's Born Wicked, Cate tries really hard to deny that she and her sisters are witches. Her society has told her that they are wicked and dangerous. She's tried not using her magic and that just caused it to leap out, uncontrolled, at unfortunate times. She uses it just enough to keep it in control but the magic wants out. It wants to be used and she can't completely stop it....more
I'm crafty and try to celebrate it daily! I would love to be more organized - but I'm not sure ... more

Do You Know Your Inner Wild Girl?

I tend to think that more adult responsibilities we get and the more grown-up we act, the more we lose our childlike enthusiasm for things. Some people might argue that's a good thing, but I don't agree. I think there's a lot to be said for maintaining our joie de vivre. It made me sad to see Cate's inner wild girl retreat farther and farther away from the surface in Jessica Spotswood's Born Wicked. ...more
I totally have an inner wild child that loves running free, skinny-dipping, and considers ... more

The Natural vs. Artificial Approaches to Food Styling

Much like cooking and food photography, food styling is an art form that melds creativity with technique to create mouth-watering images that look just as good as they taste. But when it comes to perfectly molding mashed potatoes or expertly stacking a plate of pancakes, what you see isn’t always what you eat. ...more
Although I get the reasons for using artificial items to create amazing looking food ... more

What Wouldn't You Do For A Friend?

Graciela "Ace" Jones is a powerful force. She's loud and tough. She's sassy. I'm pretty sure that Tyra Banks would say that Ace is "fierce." Ace is a lot to handle but one thing is clear in Stephanie McAfee's Diary of a Mad Fat Girl -- Ace is one heck of a friend. ...more
I guess it would depend... As long as no one was in danger, I think I'd be right there alongside ... more

Do You Put Your Dreams On Hold?

Ace Jones, the heroine of Stephanie McAfee's Diary of a Mad Fat Girl often made me laugh when I was reading the novel. She's feisty but under that tough exterior shell she's really hiding a soft, vulnerable heart. As much as Ace's antics made me laugh there were times when she made me sad. Like of many of us, Ace put her dreams on hold because she was scared of failing. ...more
Yes, and no. I have really tried embracing my fear when tackling my dreams. Understanding things ... more

Do You Text or Do You Phone?

Author Stephanie McAfee had me laughing within the first couple of pages of Diary of a Mad Fat Girl. When Graciela "Ace" Jones starts complaining about how her best friend, Lilly Lane, loves texting and will avoid talking on the phone, I was nodding my head in sympathy ... with Lilly. Yes, it's true, I avoid the phone....more
Actually, neither! HA! I can't text from my phone, and I'm also not a wonderful phone chatter. ... more

Roasted corn chowder

 I’ve been really into soup lately. It’s all soothing and nourishing, and super healthy for you when you make it yourself (unless it’s cream based, of course). One of my favorites is roasted corn chowder. It’s full of natural flavor as well as being beautifully creamy – and still healthy! The trick to this soup is roasting the veggies until they are nice and toasty, which creates an amazing base flavor....more