Little Tips and Tricks to Get My Kids Out the Door for School

This time of year is tough for us in our house. Summer school is done. The kids are SO over playing in the sprinkler and going to the library. Every day Axel says at breakfast, "School today tomorrow." Angela asks, "How many days until school starts?" about 37,245 times per day. Here it is kids!!! ...more
@lwhitney LOL Thanks lwhitney! Yes, all four of my kids at home have Down syndrome. My bio ...more

A Stranger Picked Up My Child and Walked Away

And then it happened. A total stranger picked up my child. She didn't ask. In fact, she TOOK him from me. I'm standing there holding Asher's hand as he danced next to me, while with my other hand I was recording Angela and Axel dancing. I was HOLDING his hand. I thought Dean had picked him up, only turned to find a total stranger had not only picked up my child, but was walking away with him....more
I would never, never, NEVER even touch a stranger's child except to remove them from bodily ...more