Kelli M. Riebesehl (MOMMYKOGGIBOO)


I love spending time with & am crazy in love with my wonderful, special, awesome, inspiring, & most amazing husband & our beyond way adorable & precious 5 children living, laughing, loving, journeying, exploring and adventuring--- enjoying our home and the great outdoors. We have many interests and activities that we are busy pursuing but unfortunately just one lifetime so we’re trying to squeeze it all in before we go. We are a Christian family with great faith and belief trying to do our part in loving our fellow man & promoting peace & harmony wherever we go trying not to trespass on our neighbor. My husband is a great ARIZONA family law attorney and an even better mediator (602) 621-0779 which is something that all people in conflict & crisis need and we are so very lucky to get to share that with him because his skills are awe inspiring in this arena & it just seems to somehow keep us all strong and healthy as a family giving us great strength & belief in human nature in general and in ourselves and our family. I adore anything family & children! I also love engaging in family & parenting applications, family, home, & self-improvement, home DIY projects, décor,  I LOVE SCRAPBOOKING ESPECIALLY FOR CHILDREN, I’M ADDICTTED TO PICTURE TAKING, & I LOVE SHOPPING FOR ALL THE NEAT BABY & CHILDREN’S THINGS OUT THERE & BRINGING IT HOME, supporting people & their causes or passions & sharing with others, etc. I’m crazy about my grandparents! I love blogging, I love pregnancy, I LOVE BEING A MOMMY, MOM BLOGGER & MOMPRENUER, writing, nature & the great outdoors, camping, hiking, paper crafting, reading, I love being a PC geek & graphic design, puzzle art, words, languages, reading fairytales to my children, snowmen, Smurfs, many varieties of music, arts & crafts, photography, philosophy, web & blog design, cooking & baking, collecting cookie cutters, moonlight, stars, pets, plants & flowers, the desert in winter, antiques and anything vintage, Norman Rockwell, old fashioned postcards, unusual pens & writing instruments, frogs, butterflies, fairies, angels, wee folk, elves, Santa & Christmas year round, Precious Moments, teddy bears, etc., animals, day dreaming under tall trees watching the clouds roll by, trying to make a difference in the environment & on this planet for all of God’s creatures, seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary, spreading good cheer & laughter where I can, having my breath taken away by the moments spent playing, listening, imagining, reading & telling stories, talking, watching, sharing, loving, laughing, & hanging out in tree houses with child especially our children---the beauty, innocence, purity, magic, wonder & awe in it all that comes with such simple & uncomplicated mystical wisdom. I love that our family owns & operates a ffamily law firm IN ARIZONA CALLED RIEBESEHL FAMILY LAW OFFICES where Gregory A. Riebesehl, Attorney At Law, practices Family Law representing clients and their families in ARIZONA Family Law matters from all over the world (we represent all branches of the military & clients living abroad having need of representation and counsel in Arizona based matters) & our family offers family support and enrichment products and resources NATIONWIDE & GLOBALLY through our many websites on the WWW!!! I love that we are able to work together with all of us (me, my brilliant & amazing husband, & our adorable and precious 5 kiddos- 4 girls, 1 baby boy ages 6-24) participating in our family's many entrepreneur & MOMRENEUR MOMMY BLOGGER ventures, experiences, & adventures making  ventures, experiences, & adventures making memories & sharing the merriment and deepening the love that we are so very blessed to have and share together as a family all while doing something that we love by helping others in providing support, services, products, resources, home and family instructables, irresistibles, helpful hacks, product reviews and recommendations, balance & positivity, parenting help, family coaching, motivation, health & all around wellness products, homeopathic natural products & supplies, nutritional items, toys, gifts, homeschooling resources, learning materials, family fun & games, comfort in home & family, recipes, ideas, inspiration, fanciful frugal finds, money management systems, organization, family safety, tips on travel, clothing shoes & accessories for the whole family, green lifestyle guidance, gardening, camping, fishing, nature & outdoor products, survival instruction and supplies, unique gadgets & gizmos & creature comforts, manners & etiquette, developmental & disciplinary tips & guidelines especially in areas of family tension, conflict, or even growth that and encourage support our clients and their families to survive and thrive in these challenging and confusing chaotic times. We also support various causes and organizations through our best efforts, which we hope helps so many because we fell very blessed & honored to help others & give to them rather than to ourselves!!!
~Okay I’m finally done now!!!:O) O:)~