An Open Letter to (You Germ-Infested) Kindergarteners

Dear Kindergarten Class of 2013-2014, Yes, I am talking to you with your cute new outfits, spiffy new shoes, and recently snaggle- and gap-toothed smiles. You are all so very, very cute and I cannot wait to see the people that you grow into. However, I do have a bone to pick with you and I hope that I can speak plainly here. You make me sick. Literally, bed-ridden, fever addled, cannot breathe sick. ...more
Definitely dreading my always healthy daughter's first year in public school. I'm sure this ...more

A Tale of Two Mornings


The Here and Now

I’ve decided to attempt to go back to writing everyday again. I fell off the wagon, fell hard and have felt stuck these last few months. I am not sure where to begin so I figure I will lay it all out on the table and see what we come up with. ...more

And Then My Baby Just Disappeared

Today, for the very first time, I slipped off a little girl’s silky pink pajamas and let them fall to the floor. I helped her put on her school uniform and marveled at the kid standing before me. And even as I watched her grow right before my eyes, I didn’t cry. I watched as she stood in front of the mirror, whispering, “I ...more


I have heard a lot about injustice this weekend. I have heard cries of racism, of bigotry, of "good ol' boys". I have seen people blame Florida, once again, for being backwards, for being Southern, for being unable to prosecute a case.I have seen the celebratory remarks of people that support George Zimmerman, I have heard the rallying cries of those that want to accuse the President of attempting to use this case to take away guns or create stricter gun laws. I have seen people post links to "news" articles that villify the victim.Stop....more

Writing Scared

This year has been hard for me, my family, and my friends and this blog has suffered for it. I have seen friends (both online and real-life) lose their children. I have battled against mental health and marital issues, I have nearly lost my job due to both. I have had two of the most important men in my life lose their mothers within a week of each other. I have had one friend commit suicide while I battled against the demons that told me that I could do the same. ...more
@eibhlin thank you for your comment and kind words. I'm starting to get back there, slowly but ...more

Little Wishes

She always said that when she retired she was going to buy a motorcycle. She wanted the biggest, the shiniest one that she could afford. She wanted to just drive, to just go and and be free. Friends and family laughed, the thought of this tiny woman driving something so ostentatious, so large, so loud. She was too sick when she retired. Sick from 3 and half years of chemotherapy treatments, tired from a cancer that was never going to go away. She didn't get her motorcycle. ...more


How do you explain to this face that the one thing that she has been praying for for months is not going to happen the way that she wants it or expects it to? ...more

I Have A Blog? When Did That Happen?

I was walking around in the tragicomedy that has become my life, minding my own business when I suddenly remembered that, "Oh, hey, there's a place for all of these random thoughts and emotions and feelings.I think it's called a blog, you should check it out." And then I forgot my password. And got locked out. And then someone needed to help the Supergirl find a shoe. And then Hubs needed someone to find his phone or his keys or maybe it was his shoe that was missing. ...more

The Post I Was Gonna Post Is Not Gonna Get Posted

I wrote a blog post last night. It will not be posted today. ...more
@SabrinaBlogs Yay! I am so glad that you enjoyed this post, but also that you got the sing ...more