The Pitching & Querying Advice You've Been Waiting For

There are few things in writing as terrifying and humbling as pitching and querying. Doing these things feels like asking someone out on a date, but they don't have to. In February, we'll be talking about how to master these skills and get the feedback you need to put your best email forward when the time comes....more
Velvet S. We'll be doing lots of posts through the month. The Twitter chats are a bit of a ... more

13 Whole30 Super Bowl Recipes

Hey y'all! Super Bowl 50 is upon us, and I have to tell you that I am SO excited! Not only am I a huge football fan in general, but Peyton Manning is one of my all time favorite celebrities. His career, philanthropy, and cheesy TV commercials have all been absolutely cherished by my family. The fact that this is (probably) his last season to play makes his Super Bowl appearance that much more exciting! GO PEYTON - VFL! ...more
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My 4 Favorite Loungewear Pieces to Get Cozy In

As soon as I get home, the work clothes come off and something comfy goes on. I know I’m not alone in this, right? Sometimes I just go straight to pajamas, but other times I like that little in-between step of putting on something super comfortable but still kind of nice looking.Which brings us to the idea of “loungewear”… one of my favorite things! It has to be super soft and comfortable, but still be cute enough that I can wear all weekend long and not feel like a total mess.Here are my 4 favorites:...more
I want those moccasins. more

Ground Control to Major Tom: Must We Grieve So Publicly?

David Bowie’s death a few weeks ago unsettled me—not the death itself, but the phenomenon that followed it. Initially, as my social media feeds filled with pictures, quotes and song links, I was uncomfortable and annoyed. Then I started to feel like a sociopath—the world was letting out this great, collective gasp in mournful unison.Why wasn’t I?...more
I read a really good post about Bowie and public grief. Basically, that public grief is ... more

Kitchen Memories

This cross stitch was hanging in my Mamaw’s (paternal grandmother) kitchen. When she moved in with my parents my mom hung it in her kitchen. Now it is hanging in my kitchen....more
I hope you find photos! more

How to Achieve Digital Minimalism in 5 Steps

A lot of people hear minimalism and think that it means throwing away a bunch of their stuff and living with only the basic necessities. While that's partially true, it's so much more than that. Minimalist living is applied to all aspects of your life, not just your physical belongings. What about the digital aspect? In other words, digital minimalism. ...more
#3 is such a huge undertaking. I started a bit in the summer and then fell off. Right now I'm ... more

What I Lost When I Gave Up Caffeine

A few years ago, I was forced to give up caffeine. After experiencing problems with my throat, I was diagnosed with silent acid reflux. One of the remedies for recovering from the chronic disease was changing your diet and giving up triggers like spicy and fried foods, fat, citrus, alcohol, chocolate and caffeine. Caffeine?! I wept at the loss of my favorite vice, coffee. ...more
MBSANOK I think I'd be more troubled giving up citrus than caffeine. I love citrus. more

Top 5 Reasons I'm Excited 'The X-Files' is Back

The time of The X-Files return is almost upon us! The show that was one of the first to introduce me to the concept of "shipping" (wanting two characters to be in a relationship) will make a six episode return, starting later this month. ...more
InternetG33k We can't watch anything tomorrow night! Schedules are ruining our tv time. ;-) more

My Closet Is Organized!

I’ve been Kondo-ized. I applied the Japanese-way-of-tidying-up to my clothing, per the book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Maria Kondo. Unlike my first attempt, where I discovered my art of indecision, I made hard decisions and accomplished my mission. I now have a peaceful closet and set of dresser drawers. ...more
I loved Kondo'ing my clothes. It felt so good. I even got my husband on board! I stalled out on ... more

What's Yarn Got To Do With It?

I bought yarn for a blanket years ago (honestly, we're probably closing in on a decade) and ... more