Spiked Strawberry Lemonade

Hiya there... feeling like something cold, something refreshing and something a little bit naughty? Maybe an adult slushy? I have just the thing. Spiked Strawberry lemonade.This is one of those drinks that is pretty. I mean look at it. It looks like the kind of drink you enjoy poolside with a little umbrella just shooting the breeze with friends. The drink you order in secret at a fancy restaurant and quickly drink before other notice . Or the drink you chug the second you step foot at a tropical vacation destination....more
Replace the vodka with tequila and I'm in. more

Calm Down, People - It's Just a Trailer Park

My daughter has invited a new friend over, and I see the confusion on the mother’s face as she pulls up in a well-maintained SUV with her child. She alternates glances between her iPhone and the black numerals on the front of my home a few times, as if Google Maps has mistakenly directed her to a different home that happens to have the exact same address as mine....more
Rita Arens Right? Some of the people on the Tiny House shows would be waaaayyyy happier with the ... more


I use it in chowder when I have it. (When I don't I cheat and use clam juice.) more

How do you delete a blog post?

Does anyone know how to delete a blog post? ...more
nabanita21 BlogHer staff regularly monitors the site and deletes duplicates. :) more

The 6 Best Ways to "Adult" at Disney World

Around this time last year my newly married husband and I were embarking on our honeymoon to Disney World and it's got me reminiscing. With sparkly new rings and matching t-shirts we made our way to the most magical place on earth. Few people are aware of the grown up and still completely magical side of Disney World, but never fear! I'm here to spill the beans and tell you all about it....more
We're going for the first time next month. :) more

DIY Desk Organizers For The Tiny Work Top

Not everyone is blessed with a spacious office or a work space that can accommodate a big desk and lots of shelving. Sometimes those of us who work in closet sized areas know the pain of a teeny, tiny work top. Adding a simple pencil holder can be a big sacrifice of surface area, and don’t even think about getting a potted plant! But have no fear! DIY desk organizers are here!...more
Cute! more

currently: the year is going by too quickly edition

You know how when you're reading blogs and everyone is like Oh em gee. Time goes so fast?! How is it already May?! I just drank some sparking cider this past New Year's Eve like last week! Giggle giggle laugh laugh and all that. Well I'm here saying the exact same things today. Because seriously, it's May? May 2016? Are you sure?...more
I'm horrible at reading mysteries because I know the author is trying to trick me and it makes ... more

Give Us a Snapshot of Your Life with May's Writing Lab

So what is the BlogHer Writing Lab theme this month? ...more
kraylfunch You can email me at karen.ballum@sheknows.com. Our FAQs may also be ... more

How do you remove a blog posting?

Hi! I am wondering how you can remove a blog posting after it has been posted.  Is there a way to archive it  or delete it?  I don't see a key or anything.ThanksAnne

5 Facebook Status Updates That Need to Stop

We all complain about Facebook – from privacy issues to the new reaction buttons to strange-acting news feeds. But there are a few other things I see all the time on Facebook that bother me even more. Image: Karlas Dambrans via Flickr via Creative Commons license Chain Letters ...more
plogan721 JanetCoburn When you are playing games they provide suggestions of who to send ... more