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Suicide: A Child's Perspective

I was twelve when my father killed himself. That is young. That is a very impressionable age. Eighteen years later I can say that I kind of wish I never knew. I wish people had lied to me until I was older, old enough to say, “meh, really he killed himself, gee I never knew.” instead of being that young and doing every single thing wrong -- beginning the day I found out. When you are twelve you don’t fully understand loss. What you do understand is that people are suddenly really nice to you. As a kid I learned that the boy I had a crush on was nicer to me for an entire week because my dad had died. I learned that the mean girls were nice for a few days, and I learned that people around me were saying, “go easy on her, she just lost her dad.” Not every twelve year old would react like me, but my reaction? ...more
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A Post That's Been Literally YEARS In The Making: I'VE GOT A BOOK DEAL!!

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It's Not For Attention

"She just dresses/gets tattoos/wears her hair that way to get attention."I've heard it.  You've heard it.  And I'll look at the subject of that phrase, and all I usually ever see is a woman minding her own business, going on with her life and being who she is.  I look her over and always think, "I wish I were her."  ...more
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25 Things I’ve Learned in 25 Years

As I mentioned in Monday’s post, this week was my 25th birthday! It was a wonderful day. I started a new job, Dave made my favorite food for dinner (spaghetti!), and my best friend bought me a cake. Definitely a successful birthday. Since 25 is a milestone birthday (a quarter of a century – holy shit) I wanted to write a blog post to commemorate it. In honor of turning 25, I’m sharing today 25 things I’ve learned in 25 years. Some are comical, some are serious, all are true....more
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Nova Scotia Blueberry Grunt

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My September Stitch Fix: A Sassy Birthday Fix

September is totally one of my favorite months. The combination of the whole back-to-school excitement in the air, a hint of pumpkin spice everything, and my September birthday all work together to make me a happy lady.I purposefully planned my September Stitch Fix delivery to come a little earlier in the month so that I could treat myself for my birthday. I booked a babysitter for Saturday and can’t wait to spend the day with my husband, family and close friends at a nearby wine festival....more
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Finished Knit :: Bloomsbury Kids Sweater

I've finished a lovely sweater for my daughter! Read about it on my blog, here! Lindsey | Nightowl Knitter...more
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How to Add Images to Your BlogHer Posts

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How Big Is a Kid-Sized Food Portion?

Portion sizes for kids are out of control. That's the thought I had last week when over dinner at a restaurant, my friend's 4-year-old was served mac and cheese in a pasta bowl large enough for the Jolly Green Giant. ...more
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