Very Va Va Vegetarian: Chana Masala Recipe

Thinking too much about this recipe and its merits frustrates me. When I was young, I was vegetarian and hated curry, which to me meant all Indian food. What a waste. Of all the diets in the world, the Indian culture contains some of the most varied vegetarian recipes. Hinduism encourages a vegetarian lifestyle, and though it is left up to the individual, many Hindus are vegetarian. Today, throughout India and it's many regional cuisines vegetarian dishes are frequent and varied.  ...more
Perfect recipe, I use to add a little pinch of Chat Masala powder also, which you can easily get ...more

Spring Vegetable Cannelloni

Usually when I ask J what he wants for dinner he grins at me and proclaims "pasta," but I live in fear of those days when he desires cannelloni. In the near-decade we have been together, he has requested this stuffed pasta favorite numerous times. He has been denied again and again. Cannelloni always seemed to me to be a fussy business for culinary perfectionists with excess time before their 5 p.m. martini. ...more

Such a good idea to use lasagna noodles for cannelloni. And, the spring vegetable filling sounds ...more