What's Not to Love About Google's New Recipe Search? Plenty.

Whether you’re a food blogger who publishes recipes or you’re trying to find a great mac and cheese recipe for dinner, you just might not love Google’s new Recipe View. I don’t love it. Now, I’m neither a programmer, nor a webmaster, nor an expert. I’m a magazine food writer turned part-time blogger five years ago. I have two food blogs, a decent page rank on the more established blog, and a published archive of more than 800 recipes -- not one of which you’ll be able to find with Google’s new recipe search feature. ...more

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I actually took the time to recode a few of my more popular posts ("chana masala ... more

Very Va Va Vegetarian: Chana Masala Recipe

Thinking too much about this recipe and its merits frustrates me. When I was young, I was vegetarian and hated curry, which to me meant all Indian food. What a waste. Of all the diets in the world, the Indian culture contains some of the most varied vegetarian recipes. Hinduism encourages a vegetarian lifestyle, and though it is left up to the individual, many Hindus are vegetarian. Today, throughout India and it's many regional cuisines vegetarian dishes are frequent and varied.  ...more

Sassmonkey - I think it may have been the cumin , that really is the overpowering flavour isn't ... more

Weekend Menu Planning: Kick Off National Barbecue Month with Fish or Chicken on the Grill

May is National Barbecue Month, so we're celebrating with a month of grilling ideas on BlogHer.com, starting with tips for grilling chicken or fish. Even if warm weather hasn't completely arrived where you live, Mother's Day weekend is a great time to break out the grill, so I'm hoping one of these recipes will inspire you. (By the way, if chicken or fish isn't your thing, I'll be back in coming weeks with tips for grilled pizza, vegetables on the grill, and burgers.) ...more

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I actually had a massive grilled feast ... more

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Update 1/18/09: This offer has now ended. Thank you for your interest in this promotion!

Health & Wellness Bloggers: I want YOU (for my Google Reader)

As a BlogHer contributing editor, part of my job is to link to other women bloggers. So when I decide to write about a particular topic, I spend a great deal of time searching for other women who have also blogged about that topic. And that can be very time consuming. ...more

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Although I have been writing a food more

And We're A-go! BlogHerVancity Details!

BlogHerVancity is all set to go, kids! Caffe Artigiano has graciously offered us accommodations for our event. (I'd like to mention that Dane at Workspace in Gastown was also eager and willing to get on board as well, but he had a prior engagement there on June 13th.   But thanks to Dane for appreciating what we do and offering to help in whatever way he could!  And thanks to ZoeyJane and Hummbirdbird 604 for sending me in his direction.)