Cat Michaels Gets Kids Writing Stories

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Cat Michaels Gets Kids Writing Stories


One Special Christmas

 Christmas is just around the corner!...more

The Best Snowman Ever!

 Tiger Tales Books Presents The Best Snowman Ever!...more

Getting Started With The Common Core State Standards At Home

The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) have arrived. What does that mean for you and your reading time with your little ones? It can help you start preparing your child for kindergarten and a life long of reading and thinking critically. What can a CCSS Guide from a favorite children's book do for your child?...more

Why Am I Here?

 "Why am I Here?" is Dolores's first children's book that was published August 2011. The book is the first of a series. She wishes to encourage young children to embrace themselves and realize how special they are because they are born for a purpose....more

What Color Is Your Brain?

 I recently read and reviewed a book by Sheila N. Glazov. Her book "What Color Is Your Brain?" helps readers understand their brain type and personality type. I took her quick and easy test at the front of the book and discovered I am a yellow brain. I guess that's good to know. But what exactly does that mean?...more

Five Principles For Success

 5 Principles for SuccessBy Matthew B. James...more

Baby Bumps And Books

I recently put together a guest post for The Raise Foundation. It's a non-profit organization that supports and assist victims of child abuse. I was really please that they reached out to me. My posts will be featured the first Monday of every month. I wanted to share with you my very first post. My goal with regards to my posting will be to encourage parents to read to their children and why it's so important. I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic. ...more
Hello Kristi! Though I am now a grandmother of two (ages 9 & 11), I can still enjoy your post ...more