Royale Scuderi

I am a writer – I write on a broad range of topics, pretty much... read more

Royale Scuderi


I am a writer – I write on a broad range of topics, pretty much anything that interests me. I write articles, blog posts and also do copywriting and other freelance projects.

I am a life success guide - I own Productive Life Concepts. I offer tips on how to achieve growth, lasting change, personal or business success, work & life satisfaction and help make sense of the true purpose behind it all.

I am a military wife and mother of four - I share random musings on life as well as thoughts on the challenges of military life at

I am a self-professed technology junkie - I recognize the necessity and usefulness of choosing the appropriate tools to enhance business or personal success. My philosophy is that a combination of technology and creativity along with old-fashioned hard work is the best way to operate any enterprise or home.

I am a business professional – I received my Bachelor Degree in Business from Utica College of Syracuse University and continue to be a lifelong learner. I am also a small business owner who understands the value of efficiency, time management and cost-effectiveness.  I love mastering new skills and enjoy the challenge of finding the most effective method to do almost anything.

I am a citizen of the world – I am a literacy tutor, community volunteer, closet activist and gratitude connoisseur. I believe we all have something of value to contribute to the world and often that starts with cultivating an attitude of gratitude, kindness and awareness of purpose within ourselves.