Work. Play. Eat. Dream...

I'm a part-time teacher and the mother of two lovely girls, documenting my attempt to finally get this balancing act down....more

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Grateful Heart

Grateful Heart is written to encourage and inspire the body of Christ, especially families.  The topics cover family living, inspiration and world events....more

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The Persnickety Palate

I'm a stay-at-home mom in Salem, Oregon and a self-proclaimed super-picky eater, trying hard to expand my palate for my family's sake. Culinary curiosity, and control over what comes into and out of my kitchen, have helped me to make great strides in this endeavor, but there is still an awful lot of food I can't bring myself to eat---yet! I bake constantly, and strive to cook real food for my family, from scratch and on a limited budget. Please join me for this fussy foodie's adventures beyond comfort food!...more

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