Gael McCarte


Being in power is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren't. ~ Margaret Thatcher

Psychologist, Marriage and Family Therapist, team member of forensic psychologists intervening with offenders in the Department of Justice, consultant and mediator within the Family Court.  Wife, mother of 3, Founding Premier Memebr of the international Women's Speaker's Association.


Why did I write about criminals?  The answer is here.

Novel, The Con is available at  It fictionalizes my work with offenders in Perth, Western Australia.  The reader has a front row seat to Aussie family life, the criminal mind, the elite schools in Perth, the upheavals caused by the mining and housing boom as tilers and carpenters now out earn physicians. It reveals bush life in Kalgoorlie the gold mining area, and the general Australian life style as it is really lived.  The book has cultural and psychological integrity and is difficult to put down while the twist in the end is impossible to predict.  Also available as an ebook

Available in Australia from

YouTube introduction to The Con: Con meet reader, reader meet the Con...


Jayden Daze, a book for grandparents to read their grandchildren - 6 year old Jayden is the hero.  Grandma titles her time with her days withher grandson, her 'Jayden daze'.  His misadventures and each chapter has a twist or a happy ending.   Available as an ebook at

Book on Parenting by contributors who desire to help other parents by being rain makers in what can be a desert of parenting.

E-book, Short and Long Stories to be released soon.