Three Tricky Conference Conundrums: A BlogHer Mentor Helps You Out

I'm proud to have been invited to be among the welcoming crew of the BlogHer Newbie mentors for BlogHer '13 -- and couldn't wait to share my my three tips for anyone headed to any blog conference. Promote yourself, know why you're going and remember to breathe. ...more
You always give the best advice.   I think the biggest problem I have with self-promotion is ...more

Lonely: Surviving the First Year of Motherhood and Learning to Reach Out

Pushing the bright green stroller that my mother had just given me, my 3-week-old son asleep inside, I circled lap after lap of the closest indoor shopping mall to our house. It wasn't yet 8 a.m., but I was already there, alongside the early mall walkers in their white velcro shoes. I didn’t know it then, but I was doing the exact thing that I needed to be doing for my mental state at the time. I was getting out....more
well said... :) I am on the same path.... have a 8 months old baby girl.... my company is ...more

No, It Is Not Hot Enough For Me

Summer, with its beauty, is not without its thorns. Every 15 seconds during this long awaited favorite season of the year, when hit by hot, very hot weather, we are subjected to one of the most rhetorical, purposeless phrases of our language. As if the sting of salty sweat dripping from our brow into our eyes wasn't enough, we must also be asked "Hot enough for ya?" ...more
Love this post! I've lived in South Asia. Now, nothing here in North America seems hot anymore, ...more

She Says, "But They're Home With You Now"

I have a condition. A condition called "pre-mourning." I don't call it that, my "expen$ive friend" *coughtherapistcough* does. The lovely lady that I pay a very pretty penny to sit across from me and chat tells me this is the condition I have. I lament the loss of what is to be whilst I have it sitting right in front of me. Pre-mourning. ...more

I just want you to know that I was directed to this post by not one but TWO people. One of them ...more

Dear Body: Just When I Was Beginning To Like You

Life is a funny thing. Life is a funny thing, Mama. Look at any random magazine cover, and the headlines all scream “Like yourself better!” and “Be awesome in 10 days or less!” Self help and self improvement books threaten to burst the shelves at any book store from the weight of all the titles. All screaming for you! You! To buy and become a better you. A you that is different from what you are. ...more
Long & Silky?!! I haven't thought about that in forever! But I was faithful to the brand until ...more

My Most Difficult Blogging Moment

I still remember the shock of it all, and how very personally I took it. I had told myself that it wouldn’t happen to me, that I wasn’t that type. Those kinds of things happened to others, the other kind of people. And, if it did happen to me, I wouldn’t be affected. Other kinds of people were pulled into that, but I’m not other kinds of people. I’m solid and rock steady and sure of myself. Turns out I was that other kind of people. ...more
LOL! You and I are a lot alike. I wrote a whole blog post in response to my first negative comment.more