It Lies Below The Land of the Remembered

For as long as I can remember, my mother has talked about her fear of being dead.Not of dying, she looked forward to that. To seeing her mother again, her husband who had passed away when he was 39 years old, of being with her four gone before her brothers. I must not be forgotten. If I am forgotten, my body is alone. I cannot bear to watch and know, that my body is alone. ...more

Why Your Children Need to See Selma

Acting on the tremendous article written by Deb Rox of BlogHer citing reasons America needs to see Selma this weekend, I headed to the theatre 30 minutes away, my teen children with me....more

Can You Really Predict the Future With Eggs? My Grandma Did.

If you were to walk into my childhood home on New Year's Day, you would see six of us tip-toeing around a dining room table, careful to not bump and disturb the tall, clear glasses filled to the rim with still tap water. "You can't move them even a bit!" we would caution each other. "If you do, then none of it counts!" ...more
I love that "oomancy" is the very most perfect word for this type of activity. Great piece!more

10 Trends From 2014 I Didn't Jump On

Most of 2014's trends were fitness trends, which means this post was originally titled 150 Trends from 2014 I Didn't Jump On. Instead, I capped it at 10, because the internet likes that. And in the interest of a fair and balanced review, I kept my exercise hating tendency in check. So, here are the Trends from 2014 that left me, meh....more

Is There a Way to Talk to Someone Who Doesn't Believe in Racism?

Dear World: I read something from someone today that said "Racism was in the '60s. What we see today isn't racism but people who don't know how to act in the world." I wanted to cry, I want to scream at them. Then something inside me makes me just go quiet. Tell me, Dear World, is there any way, at all, to talk to people who think that? I feel like I should just give up. Signed, Heartbroken, Angry, Should I Just Stay Silent...more
"It is impossible to not know things about yourself, your secrets, like distrust of a race, ...more

Christmas, Again

This was our second Christmas without my mother.We set a place for her near our tree, her wedding picture alongside a lit candle, before we began our Christmas Eve. It has been 16 months without her, and moments of her still sneak into my day. It's a surprise where they come from—I can't trace what calls these thoughts out, because I will be in the middle of something unrelated to her, like washing out my son's lunch box, and then I'm suddenly standing still, remembering how she never liked driving in icy weather. ...more

When They Come Home

It was a long three month stay away, his first semester in college. Now he's home. Tonight, nothing could wipe away my smile as I heard three separate bedroom doors close after each of my sons called out, “'night, mom, I love you.” All three of my children are in one place at one time....more

The Days of December

It'll soon be Christmas Eve at our house, and my first son will be home from college. I think of how my second boy will have just one more Christmas with us, then he'll be on his own, too. I've got the third littlest still with me for a good chunk of years, but we all know what they say about time, and how it flies....more

16 Important Publishing Tips I Picked Up at a Writers Conference

I went to an all day local writers conference. Though not as relaxing as a spa with hot rock massages and smoked salmon for lunch, it was time that felt rewarding and reassuring. I made sure to note tips, sage advice, and collective wisdom with the purpose of sharing it with you. I'm home now, and so ready to hop into pajamas that have been run through the dryer to super hot, but I'm putting that off to tell you the top must-knows from today's presenters. Here are 16 things I learned today at the conference. ...more
Rita Arens  Thanks, Rita! It was a great, local, affordable conference. Their first year, but ...more

19 Makeshift Snacks to the Rescue!

My friends call me "good enough girl." That's what they call me, all right. Because if it does in a pinch, and if it fills a temporary need, why, then.... GOOD ENOUGH! Today, so filled with the holiday spirit am I, that I'm sharing my go-to good enough snacks that are satisfying for a second breakfast or second lunch. Whatever you partake in (I happen to dabble goldstar in both) Go ahead, cobble a little extra sumpin sumpin special just for you today. ...more