My Letter to the government about Dyslexia

I wrote letters today to several US education politicians and my states congressman. I want to place it here as well to help with thousands of parents in our nation dealing with this same issue.-----------------------------------------I am a mother of a 7 year old boy who has Dyslexia. We live in a rural area of North Carolina. I am writing today to be one of the voices of thousands of parents across our nation, who feels lost and forgotten over the lack of acknowledgment and understanding for our Dyslexic children....more

The day I told my 7 year old he was Dyslexic

Through all the tons of reading I have done over the last few months, I knew what I needed to do. As a parent I tried to keep it from my son. I didn't want to upset him. I didn't want him to feel different from everyone else, especially in the early years of school induced mean kid's clubs. We as parents are wired to do everything within our power to keep our kids from anti-good news, aren't we?...more
I agree, it's hard to tell your kids they have Dyslexia.  That's why I made a Keynote ...more

Today, my 70 year old mother tried to kill me.

I just turned 50 years old. My mother is 70.Weird things happen when my mother and I get together. We either get lost listening to the GPS, or get lost following a school bus. True story.Today we went shopping. She drove. We were pulling out of the parking lot at Hobby Lobby, (which by the way, oh my gosh, have you been?) and the GPS told us to go West.“Go West?” my mother said. “How do I know which way is West?!” “It ought to give you better directions!”...more

Mom's Bath Time - Illustrated

The universal experience for moms when trying to take a bath...alone. Is this the way it is in your home too?...more
Hahaha! It's nice to know I'm not the only one :)more

Christmas Shopping At Walmart

So I went Christmas shopping at Walmart Sunday afternoon. I like to push myself to do things that leave me insane. It's really fun. Luckily, I was able to go shopping all by myself. Which made me sort of fall in love with Walmart and the people there. 50 shopping carts packed in the Barbie isle? No problem! I'm not here with my kids. Bring it on! The more the merrier. "Hover Rounds"  gathering together to chat in the middle of the store, taking up the whole walking path? No problem! Let me go get a motorized cart and I'll join you....more
Very brave of you to go to Walmart on a Sunday afternoon and live to tell about it! It's also ...more

Why you should NEVER go anywhere with me and my mother

My mother and I are scary when we are out together. Here is a true story to prove that fact....more

Don't Give my Child A Tooth Brush

It's 5:30 PM, the taffeta dress is slipped over her up-do. She is wearing just a hint of blush. Her eyes sparkle with excitement. She slips on her shoes and a light sweater and grabs her over-sized bag.It's 5:30 PM, the black one piece warrior uniform has been put on. Mask lowered over his stern face. He is alert. Ready for action. Ready to conquer....more
thanks for all your comments. This article was a lighthearted hypothetical spin (or intended to ...more

I'm a Bad Mother

You know those times when you are supposed to pick up your kids from school and you don't, because you are sleeping? No? Oh... so that has never happened to you? Ok - *awkward*.I feel really bad for my kids. Their mother neglected them.I feel like a sorry scumbag....more
I feel your pain! A couple years ago I was in the carpool line picking up my 4  kids and the ...more

Why My Kids Are Spoiled

The kids already had lunch at school, but the rest of us had not. So we ate. And I bought the kids a bowl of ice cream. Zoe, Luke, and Olivia wanted Chocolate. Wade wanted vanilla. No one liked it. I said, ”Well if you aren’t going to eat it, just sit still and wait for us to finish eating.” Mimi said, “Would you like it better if it had chocolate syrup on it?” Wade said yes....more
I face the same situation with my mother and father in law,they spoil the kids to the core.How ...more

It's an honest mistake, I guess?

My mother is out of town this weekend attending a “girls” weekend away where they stamp cards and talk about Sean Connery. So I thought, Hey this is the perfect time to talk about her!!  Because by the time she gets back, I will have written a couple more blog posts and this one will get buried and she’ll never see it!!”...more
Hahahahahaha! Oh, your mother sounds quite a lot like mine. She's young enough to be aware of ...more