I Was Upskirted and I Didn't Call the Cops

Chris and I were on our annual Mother's Day vacation, and we were at our favorite part of it: time with our dear friends, Katie and Paul, in Maryland. We treasure this visit every year. We usually try to find a couple of fun or unusual touristy things to do, and Paul will take a day or two off of work to play hooky with us. Katie had just finished up her first semester of nursing school, and I was excited that she was done with her finals by the time we were pulling into their driveway. (She kicked ass on her exams, by the way!)...more
I'm really sorry this happened to you.  Some people suck. more

Defending the End of 'Gone Girl'

SPOILERS AHEAD. BEWARE. My husband and I pretended to be wild young things last night and went to the late showing of Gone Girl. I've been excited about the movie for a long time, having loved the book, and my husband was game since he's a big fan of director David Fincher. I walked out with a super thrilled and satisfied grin, and when I asked my husband what he thought, he said it was great ... except for the end. ...more
I think it was a metaphor for the way that everyone gets trapped, to one degree or another, in a ... more

The Official BlogHer Olympic Team Uniform WTF Panel

Today, BlogHer convened an important editorial panel to discuss a breaking news item of extreme social media significance: Olympic team uniforms. ...more
Thank you for this.  Dying laughing right now.  Good ab workout. more

I Did Nothing While She Hurled Abuses At Them

I imagined her saying I don't need your help. Truth be told, I didn't have anything to help her with other than maybe talking to her kids while she zoned out for a while. My daughter and I got on the bus, our first day of catching it together. Our first day of her getting off and transferring to another to go to school; me staying on to get on the subway, me staying on to watch her walk to a bus stop that leaves a lot to be desired as far as safety. Please pay attention to your surroundings. Please. ...more
I have said something in situations like this.  I watched a grandfather hurl abuse at a child in ... more

I Am Done with My Child's School

Have you ever had to deal with one of those teachers? The kind of teacher who always gives you “that look.” The look like you are a horrible parent because they feel like you do not do enough for your child? I have, and I am done with it. I have come to the decision that I am checking out. I know it is not the responsible parent thing to do; however, I am just frustrated and burnt out. Now, do not get me wrong. I am not saying I do not care about my children. I care about my children more than anything, which is why I have made this decision....more
I'm so sorry you're going through this, and especially that your son is going through this.My ... more

Tantrums & Grief in the Grocery: More Than Meets the Eye

I don't realize my son is tense, bothered, quiet. I don't realize it until later, after the urge to strangle him had subsided. One of the special racks, at the end of the fourth or fifth aisle, is stacked with boxes of muesli bars. "Can we get some of these please Mum?" I barely even glance at him. "We can, but not from here. When we get around to where they usually are, where there's lots of them to choose from, we'll get them then." Those of you who spend time in the company of small children know how this next bit goes. Small child begins to whinge, their drawn out pleas often mixed with exaggerated sobs in the back of their throat. ...more
I clicked through to read your story, and it broke my heart into a million pieces.   Love to ... more

We're Dead and Sleeping With Ghosts

A tear cut down my cheek in silence, like one more golden bead along the side of the glass. It fell on my plate and slid toward the sauce. I looked at it vacantly and I thought about how Rodrigo didn't really need me. I thought about how logical he was. How he didn't require me to emote, how he'd never chastised me for being "remote" or "too logical." I thought about how he knew to leave me alone. Were these bad things? Had we traded in intimacy for a sense safety in one another? ...more
I've been with my husband for 15 years, we've been married for 11.  Long enough that I have to ... more

Dear Bill Nye, You Don't Get to Tell My Kids What to Believe

Dear Bill Nye, Growing up, watching Bill Nye the Science Guy was a treat. I learned a lot. It was cool. It was fun. It was educational. Just this past year, I was reminded of the awesomeness that was Bill Nye the Science Guy. I got excited. My little boys were almost old enough to watch! Probably just a year or two more before they can start really enjoying this show. Well, Bill, it's not gonna happen. You see, this mama just can't get behind you anymore....more
Do you believe in antibiotic-resistant bacteria, like MRSA?  Then you believe in evolution.  You ... more

This Working Mom Roller Coaster Needs Tighter Seat Belts

As I boarded my roller coaster of emotion Tuesday morning, I felt pretty good. I told myself returning to work from maternity leave would be different this time around. I really believed it would be easier because this isn’t my first experience. I know what to expect. I know what problems came up the first time, so I already have solutions prepared. At least I thought I had prepared for whatever could come up… The universe had a different message for me....more
I'm so sorry it hurts. more

The Joy in Tracheotomy: How Lyme Disease Made Me Stronger

A funny thing happened to our scalable business model when I got a tracheotomy. It got stronger. Teams of people who currently hadn't known each other before started working together. When people couldn't turn to me, they found some else to help figure it out. All those connection points we've been building, all the networks we were putting in place, our team stepped in and made them stronger. And mine did, too. ...more
I hope you make a fast and full recovery.  And I'm going to start taking ticks a lot more ... more