Own Your Beauty, Own Your Life

If there’s one message to take away from BlogHer’s Own Your Beauty movement, it’s this: You can redefine what it means to be beautiful. ...more
I love this post. I'm right now in the process of stepping into my own beauty. After so many ...more

Your Specific Brand of Sexy

There are men and women out there who desire curvy partners, skinny partners, heavy partners, short partners, tall partners, and partners of every skin color. This isn’t a crazy fetish -– this is basic attraction....more

Spot on blog. Variety is supposed to make the world go round right? And if everyone looked the ...more

Talking to Teens: It's OK to Be Unique

My blogger friend Heather from Hangry Pants described toxic people in the most eloquent way: She called them Flower Cutters. Flower Cutters are people who are quick to slam you, to make you feel small and worthless with a cruel remark. A perfect example of a Flower Cutter statement, according to Heather, is, “You are soooo lucky you can eat all that chocolate cake and not get fat. I would be like a WHALE!” Snip, snip. Thanks for cutting my flower. ...more

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Agelessness Means No Limits

A little over a month ago, I flew from Charlotte to New York City to participate in the More/Fitness Half Marathon in Central Park. Sitting on the plane made my troublesome knee stiffen up, and every twenty minutes or so, I’d get up and do a stroll down the aisle to loosen up my joint. I love to run, but running doesn’t always love me back. Due to biomechanical issues, I’ve suffered a handful of small injuries during my five-year love affair with running. ...more


Congratulations on your run!It is so inspiring to see "young" people advocating ...more

Heartbreak and Hope Over the Internet

"What couple gets cancer at exactly the same time? This brings empathy for what one's spouse is going through to a whole new level,” wrote Elisa on her blog, where she is brutally honest in exploring the pair’s unfathomable situation. ...more

Life is wonderful and terrible at the same time, happiness and hardship so often go hand in ...more

Even Though Sometimes My Punch Lines Fall Flat

It’s easy for me to see why humor is a beautiful characteristic –- after all, the sound of laughter and the look of a big, wide smile are two very beautiful things. But cultivating humor is hard -– truly amusing people, I suspect, are just born that way. Most people are probably like me: personable and fun, but not actually funny-funny. Does this mean I’m missing a key beautiful quality? Do funny people shine a little brighter than the rest of the ho-hum world? ...more

You are right - humor is so much more than jokes. The older I get, the more I see the ...more

Own Your Spirituality: An Open Mind is a Beautiful Thing

I should really subtitle this post "Spirituality for Dummies," because really, for most of my life, I have felt like a spiritual idiot. Religion -- what appeared to be the source of all spirituality -- was complex, contradictory, and confusing. ...more
Beautifully said....I love it!!!!more

Own Your Beauty, Month 4: Adventure in Sweat

First, I want to make it perfectly clear that I’m not winning races. I run a moderate pace, I’m not a particularly fast cyclist, and –- Heaven knows -– I sink more than I swim. Once, I was literally the last person out of the lake during a triathlon. The point of racing isn’t winning the whole thing –- the point is to race yourself. ...more

Love this :)

I was never athletic and have recently started embracing exercise...

But, ...more

Flipping It: How 200 Girls Redefined "Beautiful"

This month, I was asked to contemplate how creativity creates inner beauty. And I immediately thought of a group of high school girls from Colleyville, Texas. Tired of society’s narrow definition of beauty, the group decided to start a new club at Colleyville High School. They called themselves “Redefining Beautiful,” printed matching baby blue shirts, and challenged one another to skip make-up on Tuesdays. ...more

Thanks for sharing this, feels great to know that these young girls realize the true meaning of ...more

Own Your Beauty, Month Two: Not the Perfect Coach, Just Coach Caitlin

I serve as an assistant coach, and once a week, I get together with my sixteen girls and we talk about life, homework, cooking, families, and – of course – running. I was so nervous the night before our first meeting. I have very little experience with girls of this age, and I wanted so badly to be a Perfect Coach. I wanted to present the lesson plans in the most perfect way and inspire my girls to run perfectly even splits. I wanted the girls to run to their parents after our workout and exclaim, “Mom! I had the most PERFECT day!” (Image from BlogHer’s Own Your Beauty Flickr group) ...more

I loved this post, and not feeling so great about my own beauty, I decided to dust my running ...more