You Are What You Post: A Warning & A Rant

About seventy-eight times in the past few weeks I've seen this tweet or Facebook update that basically boiled down to this thought: "I can't believe X thought Y about me." The update is usually made by some woeful person who has just been smacked in the face with how their online persona is perceived by those in their social network. ...more

I can totally relate to your post. Well said! I see that a lot online and wish people wouldn't ... more

First Blog on BlogHer!

Just a quick entry today.  As I am not feeling well.  (Upset tummy.)  I started blogging on my MySpace several years ago.  I wish there was a way to transfer  those from there to here without changing the dates. (Maybe with the RSS thingy?)  If anyone knows how, please let me know.  Well a little about me.  I am a recent city girl transplant to the country.  Not too far from the city, only about an hour but it's still far from reality to me.  It's 20 minutes to the grocery store, a far cry from 2 minutes back in the city....more

Thanks for checking on that for me! Oh well, so much for that. I am feeling better though. ... more