My Dog's ROI

Some of you who follow my dog blog on Twitter may have seen my annoyed tweet last week about overhearing an office conversation about dogs. The short-version of what I overheard went something like this: For all the money, time and effort put into a dog and for their lifespan, their ROI is not that much. I mean you get unconditional love, but still. ...more

1. ROI on a dog? Really? Do these people hope to get a good ROI on their kids, too?!

2. My ... more

Week 1: Explore and Win a BlogHer ’11 Conference Pass

In September, we introduced you to the new design. We are thrilled by the enthusiastic feedback we've received. Since then, we've continued to make improvements (with more to come in 2011). We'd love for you to dig in to and tell us what you think. And since it is the season to give, we also want to offer you a chance to win some great prizes after you've taken a twirl around the site. Each week until the end of the year, we’ll be offering a chance at a fabulous prize for your feedback! ...more

I love the homepage. I am so used to it, I can hardly remember what the old site was ... more

Sexual Harassment is Adult Bullying (and It's Alive and Well)

This week I was reminded I was a woman. Not in an empowering, positive way, but in a objectifying, belittling, humiliating way. This week, though, in under an hour, I was reminded that smart, attractive women with ideas aren't always welcome. In fact, we are threatening and must be demoralized so as to prevent any inclination to rise up and do more than stay at home with the kids. ...more

I am so sorry you had to go through that. I know how it feels and it's horrible. I have endured ... more

"Fat" Ballerinas & The Black Swan Diet: Don't Let The Times Set the Tone

He seems to think his hands are tied, it's just the way ballet is, it's not his fault Ringer doesn't look the way he wants her to. Okay, Macaulay. You're right. Ballerinas should be skeletal or their art is not worth watching. And basketball players have to be eight feet tall and writers should be old white men and musicians should never, ever be deaf. Poor Macaulay, you see, he's just doing his job. ...more

I have no speakers on the computer I am using right now, but I will definitely have to revisit ... more

Mondays are such weird days for me. Are they for you?

Mondays are such weird days for me. Are they for you? ...more

This one is. I keep thinking that it's Tuesday, already. Wishful thinking, I guess. Monday is ... more

Holiday Spending Up: Are We Blowing Our Budgets?

The news looks good: Holiday spending is up. Way up. 12% from last year, which equals about 22 billion dollars more than we spent in 2009. As Jolie O'Dell of Mashable says, "Recession? What recession?" Of course, all of that means nothing if we're charging all of our gifts and creating another black hole of debt. The better news? We're not. ...more

I love that being a cheapskate, er, budget conscious is finally "in". Even before the recession, ... more

"Geeking Up" Pants is One School's Solution to the Baggy Pants Situation

Saggy pants cause a perennial holiday debate in our household. When the college-aged and young adult men come home with their baggy pants, this years old discussion begins anew. ...more

Okay, it was a stupid pun, but I love this story. I love that the principal is approaching this ... more

Are You and Your Family Getting Enough Vitamin D and Calcium?

How much vitamin D do we need?  A recent report calls for a small increase in the daily recommendations of vitamin D, but does not go as far to recommend the much higher levels thought to possibly prevent chronic illness (such as cancer and diabetes).  The US-Canadian report from the Institute of Medicine reviewed nearly 1,000 published studies along with testimonies from scientists and other experts. It concluded that there is not strong enough evidence (at least at this time) that vitamin D can prevent chronic illness. ...more

I love milk. I always I have. I love a lot of dairy products, but unfortunately they don't love ... more

Memories of Christmas past

As the Holiday's get closer I seem to reminisce about the past Holiday's I've had with my family. Ii's amazing the things that we chose to remember about the past. ...more

My biological mother passed away when I was 7. She died in November and the holidays were ... more

Own Your Beauty: On Being Multi-Racial in the Racist, Rural South

So what could I do? My 12-year old self became obsessed with beauty. Surely if I could be graceful enough, lovely enough, I would be good enough over-all. I would be accepted. I stayed in on weekends and studied Cosmo magazines and Seventeen and whatever else I could get my hands on to figure out the perfect makeup, the perfect hair, the perfect charm and carriage. I practiced my facial expressions in the mirror until I could arch one eybrow perfectly and smile brightly, showing off my white teeth and green eyes (something that was often commented upon - "are those your REAL eyes?") ...more

I grew up in the South, too. The deep South, even, and I am very aware of the situation you are ... more