Terrorism Creeps into Immigration Debate, Diverting the Focus From the Positives

Last week, announcement of the long-awaited immigration reform bill by the Senate’s bipartisan Gang of Eight was overshadowed by the Boston Marathon bombing. Shortly after the official press conference announcing the proposal, some sought to tie terrorism into the immigration debate. On Friday, Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) said...more
It's unfortunate that the Boston event, as tragic as it was, may be used as a red herring that ...more

The Significance of Hugo Chavez’s Passing

The news of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’s passing on Tuesday at age 58 following a battle with cancer evoked strong reaction throughout the world. Just a sampling of the reaction on Twitter shows how his death was either lamented or celebrated. People in Venezuela and throughout the world are just coming to terms with what this loss means and what might happen in a post-Chavez Venezuela. ...more
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Congresswoman Lucille Roybal-Allard Speaks on Immigration Reform

Immigration is top of mind in Washington, with the Senate “Gang of Eight” announcing their plan for immigration reform Monday morning. The bipartisan committee, led by Charles Schumer (D-NY) and John McCain (R-Ariz.) unveiled their plan to overhaul immigration policy by emphasizing legal pathways to employment and citizenship. Notably absent was any discussion about family reunification or deportations....more
Each time we militarize "something" (borders, public transportation or just everything in ...more

Why the Latina Vote Might Have the Most Impact

While there has been much buzz about the Latino vote in the press for the past year about how America’s largest and fastest growing minority group will have an impact in deciding the outcome of Tuesday’s election, the reality is Latinas will shape what ultimately happens....more

LATISM's Top Blogueras Briefed at the White House

Earlier in the week, sixty-five Latina bloggers, sponsored by Latinos in Social Media (LATISM), attended a briefing at the White House. I was fortunate to be part of this dynamic group of women. Key issues covered included: jobs and the economy, education, and health care....more
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Latina Voters and the GOP Primary Race Thus Far

Tomorrow, 437 delegates will be awarded in the GOP presidential race; a total of 1,144 are needed to win the GOP presidential nomination. But as the GOP race moves along, women voters -- and within that subset, Latina voters -- wonder if issues such as access to contraception will trump the big economic issues. ...more
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