Medical Problems

I'm scared. No bullshit, on the edge of freak out, Scared. I am 13 weeks pregnant this week. Up until today, everything was fairly normal. Different from my first two, certainly, but still within expectations. We (finally) had our first OB appointment, complete with ultrasound showing a bouncing, healthy, right-on-track bleeding. I've felt I'm coming out of the exhausted stage and into the more energetic one. I even played tag with my youngest yesterday!...more

Frst Day of School

My girls had a fantastic first day of school--they were bursting with news about their class and everything they'd done, especially Miss S, who started Kindergarten. It was a great afternoon hearing all about their day. Especially after the crap start to the day! Suffice it to say, it started with shoutin, scolding, and showing up after the bell when the Pledge was underway and ended with a mom in tears back at home for creating such a crap morning. Yuck! Luckily for me, I had the husband here to listen and show me the reasonable side of things. What would I do without that man?...more

A Roller Coaster of a Summer

My fabulous mother will be flying out extra early tomorrow morning after a fun filled week with us. We went to the fair (twice), camping (her first time ever), movies, and just had a blast being together.  I missed that lady! I also got to give her my big news--I'm finally pregnant again! After 5 months of trying, baby #3 is on the way. Tic Tac size, as BabyCenter says. I go in for my first appointment next month and we're all pretty stoked. ...more

First Days

The K's have many of these this week. Thing 1 starts Kindergarten and I'm one of the few mom's not having a mental breakdown at the idea, Thing 2 starts Preschool (finally!) and Miss D starts her first full-time job, ever. 14 year old moment: I'm stoked! Now back to grown up me. I will be working at the local daily newspaper as a District Sales Manager. That means I'll be in charge of a district's worth of carriers, dealers, and customers. Since the girl's hours aren't as long as mine, they'll need a combo of before and after school care and daycare. The $ is adding up quickly....more

The Latest D Drama

How is that, for someone who claims to love simplicity and happiness, I have so much nonsense in my personal life? Because the person I love the most can't accept me as I am and is the antithesis of me? This is why people shouldn't get married young. The Man and I aren't doing well. It's mostly the same old, same old: I'm messy, disorganized, scatterbrained (gasp! the horror!) and refuse to change, he wants a perfectionist, type A, June Cleaver type mama with a porn star side. What? I suggested counseling. Okay, I told him I was going to set it up....more

Snow Melt

The long North Dakota winter is almost over. Highs in the 50s and climbing, dak rats everywhere, and BUGS! Who would have thought I'd ever be this excited to see a spider or fly? The sight of them are almost as good as seeing grass again and watching the snow quickly fade away. This is Midwest bliss. In the spirit of spring, I've sold/donated/trashed almost all baby clothes/toys/accessories. Okay, I lied. This happened after I told The Man that I just couldn't tolerate the idea of another baby....more


A shit week, really. Angry me from wake up to fall asleep, then Shane comes home pissy thanks to a shit week for him. Shit, shit, shit! Ridiculous, and it will end tomorrow. I don't do miserable for very long--life's too damn short for that! I'm just frustrated and fed up with the way my life is going right now. Which means I need to change things. If it's not working, try something else, right? But I'll keep putting it off, at least until we get back from Montana and South Dakota....more


I've done a bit of revamping of the blog. By revamping, I mean I changed my name. I'm not so reluctant anymore and I didn't like the idea of being Mrs. My Husband, so voila! Miss D it is. It's an old nickname from childhood, it's simple, it's clean, and I like it. Done I'm still loitering in my crossroads. The Lexapro was magic, at first, but now I need to branch out more on my own two feet....more

We Wish You a Merry...Solstice?

I've recently begun more interested in religion. It wasn't more than 3 months ago that I finally declared myself an atheist, rather than the "nothing" label I'd toted for years. I've readup on the basic tents of major religions (Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism) and now I'm delving into the less traditional(Wicca, Paganism, Humanism, etc). ...more

you realize you're part of that study that showed that atheists knew more about religion (and ...more

November Planning

A short, holiday-filled month! Sidenote: The man has won a 4 day/3 night trip to Marlboro's Ranch in Montana. We get the info soon and have 7 days to RSVP. Only problem may be dates: they give them, we have to find a way to make them work. Greatness: SIL, recently stationed in SD, has volunteered to watch Things 1 and 2! We're very excited. Back to planning. Diploma needs framing. My 6 year, many thousands of dollars, Bachelor's in Communications. The man insists we frame and display it :-). Arts and crafts was closed today, so tomorrow it goes in. ...more

We need to organize the garage. We also need to install the garage door opener.

You can do ...more