A Happy Life

Participating in 100 Happy Days has created a pleasant habit of thinking, being aware of & wanting to share some happy moments in my day.  I decided tonight to go back to BlogHer.com to write a post via the blog site to help me get back into writing daily (beyond my happy posts).  So here goes....more

A Tale Involving a Banana

Today, my son taught me about compassion and consequence.  He is four....more

Kind People are My Kinda People

Getting back in shape means having to push myself.

Recently, I held K in my arms and was arching my back too much.  It made my mommy gut (What?  I don’t have THAT.  Who said that?!  Don’t listen to her!) disappear.  Standing with my stomach muscles nice n’ taut, he knocked on it asking, “Mommy, why is your tummy so hard?”  Smiling, I replied, I’m leaning back so it’s making my stomach muscles tighten.  But I knew that I was working hard on my core and maybe I wasn’t leaning back all that much.  Maybe that unsightly area was disappearing. ...more
@Cindyhuber Ha! What a clever response to his question. He really Did leave something there. ...more

My son gets me thinking, and losing sleep.

K’s been so fun this week that I’ve been home, unable to get to work thanks to MetroNorth trains not running for a few days, and then due to a lack of electricity in my office.  I’ve had a forced staycation, which is weird because last Sunday, before receiving news from our office to stay at home until further notice, I brought up the idea of a staycation with my husband.  I’ll have 6 extra vacation days to take before year ends aside from the 5 I’ll take mid-December to visit my 87-year old recently-widowed Godfather.  I am grateful that I’ve been able to be home with him in...more

Growing up

On 9/26/12, I wrote:   Some fun conversations with little man K this evening.   K: Mommy, how old am I now?   ...more

Round up the Squaredy Cats

I have a 3.5 year old boy who likes to sing, dance, tell stories and jokes and watch TV.  He also likes to play with Giggles.Giggles is one of many fun, unique, empowering and soft, soft, soft Squaredy Cats!  Squaredy Cats are square-shaped plush toys created by Kurt Marquart and Elaine de la Mata, the husband and wife team that make up Monkey Doodle Dandy.  In the "About Us" section of their website, you will see the following:...more

Bert to his Ernie

I recently had a very bad night with our almost-3-year-old.  It was end of August, 2011 and he was 3.5 months shy of his 3rd birthday, still in a crib inches from our bed and unable to get himself out, thanks to the very high bars on each side of this crib. While we had told him that if he wakes up in the middle of the night, he mustn't wake US up...he could close his eyes and fall back asleep, or entertain himself without disturbing us...he didn't always get it. I've noticed that, when I'm alone with him, I am patient up to a point and I love my husband's swooping in t...more


“Mommy, I’m scared.” What are you scared of? “This.” It’s the bars to his crib. It’s wood, K.  Just like......more

Processing 9/11

It's after 2 a.m....more