Top Ten Success Tips For My 25-Year-Old Self

Dear 25-Year Old Self, As I am turning 50 soon, I feel that I can give you some excellent I’m-twice-your-age-youngster advice, with a bonus tip: Top Ten Lists have better Google juice. You’re welcome! Here we go, youngster. ...more
It has NOT been 15 years since Maybe, Baby.  Wow.  You are something else.  Thanks for your ... more

How to Keep it Together When Your Child is in a Mental Health Crisis

I cried far too much today. I cried because I have a sweet little ten-year-old boy who needs me to be a lot stronger than I am. I cried because I can't seem to give him what he needs, get him what he needs. I cried because he told us he's sad all the time, he can't make his brain shut off, he feels weird and out of place in this world, and he wishes he could be more like his brothers. I cried harder still when he saw me crying and reassured me that he was going to get better. ...more
You're both so blessed to have each other. You're both clearly intelligent, strong, insightful, ... more

Why HRC's Equality Sign Made Me See Red

Last week, in support of gay marriage being argued before the Supreme Court (California's Prop. 8 and DOMA, specifically), a few million folks changed their Facebook profile photo to the red equal sign created by the Human Rights Campaign....more
Thank you for sharing the enlightening post by Clever Title TBA.  Everyone is entitled to her ... more

Is Our Food Supply Less Safe After the Monsanto Protection Rider Passed in Congress?

The issue of food safety is becoming more and more important to the American public, as proved by the outrage last week when Congress passed the Monsanto Protection Rider. My social media feed blew up with protestations. ...more
Thank you for researching and explaining the signing of the bill.  It is always much more ... more

When Marriage Feels Like a Meat Grinder

 The Joy of Mothering...more
Does this blog entry end at "impotenc" or is there something wrong with my iPad? more

The Joy of Mary’s Marriage to Joseph

A Mary Moment Monday post Mary and Joseph’s marriage didn’t exactly get off to an easy start.  They were engaged and Joseph had promised not to “defile” Mary, because she was a consecrated virgin.  He was really only marrying her because, in that day and age, there was no security in being a single woman. And then she turned up pregnant.  This was the girl who was supposed to have promised to remain pure ....more
Thank you for this. more

Getting back in shape means having to push myself.

Recently, I held K in my arms and was arching my back too much.  It made my mommy gut (What?  I don’t have THAT.  Who said that?!  Don’t listen to her!) disappear.  Standing with my stomach muscles nice n’ taut, he knocked on it asking, “Mommy, why is your tummy so hard?”  Smiling, I replied, I’m leaning back so it’s making my stomach muscles tighten.  But I knew that I was working hard on my core and maybe I wasn’t leaning back all that much.  Maybe that unsightly area was disappearing. ...more
@Cindyhuber Ha! What a clever response to his question. He really Did leave something there. ... more

I Don't Feel Like a Good Mom

"You're a good mom." I've heard it many times. My mom, my husband, therapists, coworkers, friends, aunts, grandma -- even my in-laws have said it several times. "You're a good mom." They say it and all I think about are those times when I yell. Or the times I turn on a movie so that I can write post, browse Pinterest or just have a few minutes of peace while I make dinner. ...more
Oh my WORD!  We are all ok, then!  We are normal, flawed, insecure, and beating ourselves up ... more

Great NaBloPoMo Posts from Our First Week

November's NaBloPoMo is off and running, and the great posts are pouring in. ...more
What does NaBloPoMo mean?  I'm trying to find here the origin but am coming up short.  :(  Thank ... more

Are You A Baby Book Slacker?

How many times has your child done or said something funny and you think, “I’ll always remember when he did that”? And then the following month you are wracking your brain trying to remember what exactly it was? My son is now 18-years-old and I still think of funny events but can’t remember all of the details....more
I don't even know you and I was laughing out loud.  My son is 3, soon to be 4, so it's the exact ... more