Freegan Travel: A Bad Idea

I'm chopping an onion for the tomato and beef ragu and shouting happily to Ruth: 'This and a bit of olive oil are the only things in this entire meal that were bought!' But she sniffs and says: 'Have you really thought through the ethics of this?'--Guardian UK Caveat: This post is really a thinly hidden pointer to a heated discussion I'm having with a writer at Brave New Traveler. ...more

You had me at "dumpster."

Diving for furniture? Yes. Diving for food? No.


Yeah, I'm sick of the mommy wars too, but here's a warning: Don't be an ostrich about money!

Susan Wagner of Friday Playdate let me and other BlogHer Contributing Editors know about this beautiful video at The Washington Post of Jefferey Barehand and his son. The video is part of the "On Being" series. ...more

Thanks for the well-written post. I was going to comment on it here, but then I realized that I ... more

AirTran gives family a time-out

It's all over the blogosphere today: Elly Kulesza, all of three years old, threw a tantrum on the AirTran plane she and her parents were to take home to the Boston area on January 14th. The plane could not take off while the toddler flailed first in the aisle and then her mother's lap, and the family was kicked off the plane. ...more

It's possible that in this instance a "time out" is exactly what was needed. Not for the sake of ... more

Missouri Miracle Times Two

When the tornado siren sounded on Monday, a much unseasonably warm January evening, my heart sank, knowing the likely reason was an Amber Alert - a very local Amber Alert. Sure enough, the ten o'clock news reported that Ben Ownby, age 13, had been snatched between the school bus and home in the small town of Union, Missouri, only 45 miles away. ...more

As a parent, my greatest fear is of my child being abducted. Even though the odds of any child ... more

Fashion Week in Review | 5 Style Resolutions for the New Year

Contributing Editor Trisha Okubo also writes at Omiru: Style for All. What's happening in fashion this week? Fashiontribes profiles the launch of, Amazon's new fashion retail site. Couture in the City puts us in the Valentine's Day mood with red styles from Ella Moss. Second City Style suggests Five Ways to Get Some Style in the new year. Kristopher Dukes is swooning over the Fendi B Heel from the new Fendi resort collection. (Pictured). Fabsugar popularizes a new trend: Fabric Infused Jewelry. She Finds has winter-ready workout gear perfect for the stylish fitness fan. ...more

Yesterday I never even left my house and yet I still managed to buy three new pairs of shoes, ... more

Sharing Foundation Wins Network for Good Charity Badge/Yahoo Competition!!!

This New Year's Eve I didn't watch the ball drop on Times Square because I was glued to my laptop helping my favorite cause, the Sharing Foundation, raise almost $100,000 via my blog! Three weeks ago, using what I learned from my first personal fundraising campaign, I launched a second campaign to raise money for the Sharing Foundation education programs using the Network For Good Charity Badge and entering the Yahoo! For Good competition which would double the amount raised by the winner. We won! In just over three weeks, we raised $49,537 from 745 donors and adding the Yahoo Matching dollars brings the total to $99,074! That's a big deal for a small grassroots organization like the Sharing Foundation. Personal fundraising works! (And, of course, the competition and leveraging power of a matching grant helped.) Here's a screenshot of the charity badge taken on December 31st at midnight PST. ...more

What an amazing story. Your hard work really paid off. Kudos!

BlogHer Contributing ... more

Will the Mom Strategy Work for Hillary?

Possible presidential hopeful Senator Hillary Clinton appeared on the television show The View last week to discuss Christmas traditions, crafts, her view of the war in Iraq, the difficulties of raising children in today's society, and the re-release of her decade-old book It Takes a Village. ...more

I also think it would be smart for her campaign if she makes use of the mom-centric blogosphere ... more

Relationship Resolutions

I love making New Year's Resolutions. Last year, I resolved to give up Internet dating for an entire year, come what may. I met a guy the good, old-fashioned way on New Year's Eve, dated him for a few months. Ended that and met The Boyfriend a couple months later at a games night. ...more

Good point, Liz. I'm resolving to date my husband more this year. I've already lined up a ... more

My next reality TV target: Top Design. Oooh. Ahhh.

Yes, it's true. I didn't take any advice. I didn't try any new reality TV show this month. I felt left behind by not having watched from the beginning. But I do pledge to you Amazing Race fans that I will be giving it a fair try when its next season starts. But, never fear, come January I will once again have two reality TV shows to cover. American Idol (but of course) and also a new one from Bravo, the very thought of which is making me feel all tingly and alive...Top Design. Here's the description: ...more

You know, I've been thinking I need more reality TV in my life lately. Count me ... more

We have to break up. Your uterus betrayed us.

To say that motherhood changes things would be the equivilant of saying hitting yourself in the head with a hammer would hurt. Of course things change. One of the aspects that can be hit the hardest is friendships. When you become a mother and your friends are still single or child-free, it can put a strain on a friendship. At best you find yourself trying to defend your lifestyle at worse you find your friend has "broken up" with you. ...more

...the more I realize that it's very easy to inadvertently step on a person's toes, ... more