Help! I'm Young, a Pastor's Wife, and Slightly Rebellious

Although the title is pretty straight forward, I still feel the need to explain it.  This is one of my biggest flaws.  For instance, if I tell a joke and even though I'm sure that the people got it, partly because they laughed, I feel I owe an explanation.  Anyways, I am 23 years old and in the ministry.  My husband and I have been youth pastors for about three years.  Unlike some pastors' wives, I am very very involved.  My husband gives me many opportunities to speak and insists that I  have my hands in just about every aspect of the youth group.  I love it!  But, here's t ...more

Your blog just showed up as I searched "online ministry" on blogher. So its been a while since ... more

Recipe: Sloppy Joes Without the Manwich

Oh, Sloppy Joe, let's get married. I love you so.Sounds like the makings of a bona fide country song, doesn't it? It's a food love affair our entire country can identify with -- the Sloppy Joe is an American favorite. ...more

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