Heartbreak and Hope Over the Internet

"What couple gets cancer at exactly the same time? This brings empathy for what one's spouse is going through to a whole new level,” wrote Elisa on her blog, where she is brutally honest in exploring the pair’s unfathomable situation. ...more

More prayers going upward. more

J. Crew, Boys and Pink Nail Polish

You may have heard of the Fox News doctor/consultant who is taking issue with the current J. Crew catalog photo featuring the president of the company painting her son's toenails pink. THE HORROR! ...more

Funny, but my overly testosteroned 15-year-old used to use my blush brush before he went to ... more

My Blog Got My Daughter Kicked Out of Preschool

On Friday, my daughter was expelled from her preschool. Why? Because I had a disagreement with the director -- and then I blogged about it. Here is the timeline of events. ...more

I know not everyone can, but this kind of thinking is why I homeschool...your daughter will be ... more

New Series: We've Decided to (Gulp) Homeschool

Since the middle school here is so huge, we have ALWAYS considered homeschool for these years (with a return in high school). And so, I have been turning it over and over like a rusty hamster wheel in the back of my head for a long, long time. ...more

I brought my son home in the 3rd grade. I am a former public school teacher, and elaborately ... more