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Mitt Is Not Moderate, But He Does Say Things Like "Binders Full of Women"

I was waiting to see who would show up at tonight’s town hall at Hofstra University. Would it be the suddenly “Moderate Mitt” of the last presidential debate? Or would it be “Extreme Mitt,” the self-described “severely conservative” governor we’d come to know during the endless debates of the primary? The suspense was practically killing me. ...more
There were many moments during the debate Tuesday evening that caused me to have deep concern ...more

The Taliban Shot A 14-Year-Old Pakistani Girl: Why?

In some parts of the world being a girl who wants an education can still be deadly. Today Malala Yousafzai, a 14-year-old Pakistani girl, was shot in the head by the Taliban. She was on her way home from school when gunmen stopped her bus. Which one is Malala? one of the men reportedly asked the students. And then they opened fire. A teacher and another girl were also wounded in the attack. ...more

Bill Clinton at the DNC: The Orator is Back

Clinton built a powerful and persuasive case to re-elect Barack Obama. In a speech that brought the delegates to their feet more times than I could count, he used his gift with language, his gift for connection, and his deep command of policy to blister the Republicans and praise the president. ...more
Thanks for the update, Mona. Bill's been even-handed and fair. I love that he refuses to play ...more

Ireena Keeslar, Mom of 5, Arrested in Indiana for Practicing Midwifery

When a car pulled up to her house a little after 10 a.m. on Saturday, March 31st, Ireena Keeslar was still in her pajamas. ...more
I birthed my first 2 babies in Canada, where midwives are not only legal but covered by ...more

You Go, Girl! Five Strong Females in Family Films

Most of us probably grew up reading classic fairy tales where the princess finds herself in peril, gets rescued by the handsome prince (who slays the dragon), and they all live happily ever after. Well, everyone except the dragon, that is.But life just isn't like that, is it? More often than not, the prince never shows up. Or if he does, he's not what we expect. He might need sensitivity training or better communication skills....more
hermione (and mrs weasley, since she is often grouped as a strong woman) is a horribly weak ...more

Violence Against Women: The Afghan Girl and the African Maid

It’s been a strange week for violence against women. First, there was the claim in the New York Post that the hotel housekeeper accusing Dominique Strauss-Kahn of rape was a prostitute. Or a “hooker-maid,” as the tabloid so charmingly put it. This doesn’t explain why she had bruises and other injuries consistent with evidence of a sexual assault. Or that both sides in the case agree that some sexual encounter happened when she went to clean DKS’s $3000-a-night suite. ...more

We need to make sure this doesn't just become background noise to what the guys are grappling ...more

The New Fashioned: A Modern Twist on a Classic Cocktail

For once, my half-hearted gardening pays off. Every spring, I start off with tons of green thumb ambition, then get lazy and quit pulling weeds by August. Things end up growing where they shouldn't go, and unidentifiable stalks of green take over. But there's one patch of leaves I can identify by smell that keeps getting bigger and healthier every year: a gloriously spreading tangle of mint that's slowly taking over the front yard. ...more
Try finding an online liquor store.more

Two Degrees of Devastation: New Zealand Earthquake

Eight hundred miles and Cook's Strait away from Christchurch, we didn't feel the physical shocks of the quake up in the Bay of Islands, but the emotional ones have hit us all. They've been pulling bodies out of the rubble while the nation watches in horror. We've been told there are at least 114 fatalities, but to steel ourselves for many more. There may be as many as 300. ...more

So glad to hear that your friend and her family are alive and well. It's terrible to see the ...more

Tiny Pincushion Tutorial

The children and I have been working on a lot of projects -- mostly sewing, beading, and some papercraft. Here is a brief tutorial for a tiny pincushion made with a bottle cap as the base. You can whip these up in about two minutes! Very addictive to make. ...more

I found 2 great sites that have them.


8 Things You Can Do to be a Better Blogger

We bloggers have disgusting reading habits. Day after day, most of us read nothing but other people's blogs. Blog writing is uneven across the Web, and a lot of it just sucks, even if the ideas expressed are valid. Nonfiction in the form of really great, high-end-magazine essays is your best friend. Even fiction will give you a leg up in terms of storytelling. Just put down the laptop and go to the library. It'll change the way you write. ...more

In reference to #4, I can't help but wonder, are we writing a blog post or a novel? I do agree ...more