Sapphire’s The Kid: Precious’ Child in Sequel to “Push”

Chaotic. Disturbing. Confusing. Brave. Those are words that float through my head as I try to think of what to say about Sapphire's The Kid, the follow-up her acclaimed first novel, Push. ...more

I've taught high school for 10 years and have had a fair number of students with truly horrific ... more

The Kid: A Disturbing Tale with Dancing Dreams

I can’t say I wasn’t warned. Before choosing to read The Kid by Sapphire, I was given the following disclaimer: “The Kid deals with mature and explicit subject matter that some readers may find offensive or disturbing…” Little did I know just how disturbing I would find the pages of this sequel to Push, the novel later adapted into the Academy Award-winning screenplay, Precious. ...more

I, too, found Abdul's love of dance and the tiny seed of hope that seemed to grow there as my ... more

I sway.

All the time. Whenever I'm standing in place. I sway. Back and forth, back and forth.It started when I was a few months pregnant. There I'd be, in the shower, trying to wake up, trying to decide what to wear, thinking about the day ahead and ... why am I swaying?...more

I carried my daughters in the Baby Bjorn whenever we were out and developed an elaborae bouncing ... more

My Blog Got My Daughter Kicked Out of Preschool

On Friday, my daughter was expelled from her preschool. Why? Because I had a disagreement with the director -- and then I blogged about it. Here is the timeline of events. ...more

They actually said your daughter was "bad"?! This place sounds like an absolute nightmare!! ... more

Cookbooks Are Hot at Libraries

I have a cookbook problem. I like to be surrounded by dozens of cookbooks. It used to be that I'd go to the bookstore, hit the clearance section and end up leaving with a handful of them. That's changed in recent years. Now my browsing for cookbooks happens at the my library, and I'm not alone. According to Publisher's Weekly cookbooks are the number one non-fiction category in libraries. ...more

Thanks for posting this. I take my kids to the library once a week and always take out at least ... more

Unions: Now Ok to Attack Women

Remember when I posted about the lack of civility in Wisconsin from the union protesters? Now a male union protester struck a girl. In DC. And she's a friend of mine. While this would normally bother me because of the double-standard of civility on the left, this time it's personal. I get angry when you mess with my friends. What happened?...more

I am a union member, and haven't gotten the memo okaying violence against women. I'm sorry that ... more

We really can make a difference. But only if we stick together.

I hear and read here and there, that people think that teacher’s have it easy. They spout about the three months off during the summer, and other various things that they think make out job easy. ...more

Thanks so much for posting this.


Teaching Manners To Children Other Than Your Own

Growing up, manners were no small joke in our household. Lessons learned that I used to find embarrassing I am grateful for today. I was taught to not only say hello to the parent of a friend I was calling on the telephone but announce who I was. Friends who called me on the phone and gave the usual, "Is Reedu there?" were answered by my mom with a "Yes," and a dial tone....more

I am a a big fan of manners, probably because my parents were big on manners. In their version, ... more

Samoa Girl Scout Cookies

As you probably (or should) already know it is Girl Scout cookie season!! Jeff and I bought our first ones of the season a few weeks ago at a grocery story near my parent's house. How can you say no to the little girls selling them? I used to be one of those girls, so I always feel bad for them and have to buy a box (or 2 or 3). Today Jeff and I decided that $3.50 was far too much money for a box of a few cookies, and made our own!...more

They look delicious and I love all of the pictures.


What I thought I knew

I have been a teacher for ten years now, and in that time I have attended many special education meetings for my students, so many, in fact, that I assumed that I knew pretty much all there was to know: the jargon, the protocol, the flow charts.  And then I found myself on the other side of the conference table....more

It sounds like you've been a great advocate for your daughter. We were happy wit hthe evaluation ... more