Google Instant and Bloggers: Write Your Way to Page One

This week, Google launched Google Instant.  It was the day SEO (search engine optimization) died. Hum along to the tune of "American Pie."  ...more

Thanks for the informative post. I'm just learning about SEO and all the other, distinctly "not ... more

Online Networking: How to Do it Well

In the years since the major online networking sites were launched Twitter (2006), Facebook (2004), and LinkedIn (2003), online networking has made the shift from fad to integral part of the day for many people. It is now at the heart of so many things we do -- job hunting, promoting our businesses, creating personal connections, and keeping us informed on breaking news to product research. So, how do you "do" the online networking thing well? ...more

I'm feeling my way through both Facebook and Twitter to help promote my blog. Social networking ... more