Does Your Writing Medium Fit Your Life?

Gen Plus has a great post about what is cutting into her blogging time and what social media platform is the best writing tool for this point in her life. It's an interesting idea -- switching from blogging to microblogging to visual blogging and back again, all to fit the rhythm of your life rather than trying to squeeze your life continuously into a single medium. ...more
@SabrinaBlogs Hi Sabrina, I used the WordPress app too, and it is pretty good, but it can take ... more

HomeGoods Holiday Shopping List Sweepstakes


Nothiing better than a cup of tea in a brand new teapot and homebaked cookies in a sweet cookie ... more

Share your best stress-busting tip for a chance to win a spa basket worth $219!

Update 5/6/09: The sweepstakes has now ended. Thank you for your interest in this special offer. We will announce the winner in our upcoming newsletter, later this week! Some of us find that our cares dissolving away best with a warm bath. Others find a good sweaty session with Wii Boxing busts the stress. For me, it's switching radio stations from the news to music. For Honeybeast, a quick crossword puzzle puts her back in the zone. It's all about finding out what works for you -- and sharing here so we can try them out!Enter your best stress-busting strategy in the comments area of this thread and you'll be entered to win a deluxe spa basket worth $219!

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Update 4/30/09: This sweepstakes has now ended. Winners will be chosen shortly. Thank you for your interest in this promotion!

Changing your hosted Blogger blog to a self-hosted WordPress blog

One of the requested topics for the be a better blogger series was a step by step set of instructions from moving from a hosted blog at blogspot to a self-hosted WordPress blog on your own domain. Before you do anything, notify your subscribers and readers about the upcoming change. Tell them where the new blog will be and how they can resubscribe at the new location. The first step is to prepare your account with your hosting company or server. Create a new MySQL database to connect to your WordPress blog when you install it. ...more

Hi -- I consider myself pretty savvy,but I was challenged by the move over from blogger to ... more

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Update 4/6/09: The sweepstakes has now ended. Thank you for your interest in this special offer. You can find out who won this, and other BlogHer special offers HERE! 

Share your plans for living healthier in 2008 for a chance to win a trip to BlogHer '08!

Congratulations, Mrs. Flinger! Fling that laptop into the modified diaper-bag-carry-all case and leave the kids with Dad. You'll be heading out to San Francisco in July for our annual BlogHer Conference. Thanks for all of the contest entries. We can't wait to see everyone this summer! **Contest Update** Resolutions schmesolutions!

Remembering 14 Women

On December 6, 1989 a twenty-five year old man man walked into L'École Polytechnique in Montreal armed with a rifle and a hunting knife. Over a period of approximately twenty minutes he would he would kill fourteen women, wound another ten women, as well as four men, before turning the gun on himself and taking his own life. The women were targeted because of their gender and they died because they were women. Before he started shooting the man had yelled, "I hate feminists." I don't know that any of the women who died thought of themselves as feminists. They were women pursuing an education in the largely male dominated field of engineering, or in the case of Maryse Laganière, working in the school's finance department. Perhaps they did. Perhaps they didn't. But today we remember them and acknowledge a National Day of Remembrance and Action of Violence Against Women. ...more

I lived most of my life in Montreal. In 1982 a few years after graduating from McGill, I moved ... more