My Mom, Dementia and Me

If you passed me on the street or stood next to me in the grocery checkout line, you'd never know that my mother is slowly losing her mind. Sometimes I call her and she doesn’t know who she is. Sometimes I call her and she thinks her caregivers are thieves, stealing all the furniture and leaving her for dead. Sometimes I call her and she screams in a low, desperate tone, “I’m not myself....more
Sorry to hear what you and your mom are going through. In case you didn't know, urinary tract ... more

20 Food Blog Trends That Need to Die in 2015

Honestly, people, we don't know why we even bother. We do the very hard work of reading all the blogs and spotting all the hackneyed trends for you, and for what? We've officially lost the war on stripey straws, mason jars, quinoa, and pumpkin spice. But we're still fighting the good fight, so we've rounded up a whopping 20 food blog trends that got so tired that we can't even. (And you shouldn't either. Or maybe you should. Whatever. Be that way. ) ...more
I have a feeling this advice will resonate even more than any PG-13 guidance on recipe and blog ... more

Don't Forget the Beauty of Picture Books

I am a self-professed book worm. I always have a book with me where ever I am. Do you know where my love of books began? Among to pages of pictures books way back when. And it disheartens me to see that parents are forcing their kids to abandon the glorious illustrations and stories for "big kid" chapter books. ...more

My sisters and I *still* quote Chocolate: The Consuming Passion, an adorably illustrated book ... more