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Good-bye BlogHer 09, I miss you already

I've attended four of the five BlogHer conferences. I stayed home for the first one and was just about as jealous and miserable as a woman blogger can be. I've spoken at two BlogHer conferences. I've officially live-blogged four BlogHer conferences. I've been drunk at BlogHer Con (which is frightening since I don't drink.) I've cried at BlogHer Con. I've gotten angry at BlogHer Con. I've been the life of the party. I've been the blogger hiding in a corner because she just can't handle the people. My heart has hurt over the sessions I wasn't able to attend. ...more

That was the title of my first conference post. And it about sums it all up for me. ...more

36hrs left to give BETH KANTER what she wants for her Birthday!!!:Uniforms and school supplies for Cambodian children

Calling all Bloghers…time to make Beth Kanter’s Birthday wishes come true!She's asking for $10 to help improve school conditions for children in Cambodia. And she deserves to have her birthday wishes come true!   ...more
I opine that the argument essay accomplishing is the most time taking thing. However, students ...more

How Can We Make Charitable Giving A Year-Round Habit?

Beth's Birthday Cause I was listening to a story on Marketplace on NPR this afternoon with Tess Vigeland and Chris Farrell who reviewed their 2008 financial goals and graded themselves on their accomplishments.  Chris Farrell set a 2008 goal to make his charitable giving a monthly activity, not a mad rush in December.  He confessed that didn't meet the monthly goal, although he did a lot of research and giving in December.   Given the economy and its impact on nonprofits and fundraising,  it got me thinking that making charitable giving a habit beyond the holidays is a good thing.  ...more

Wow, Beth!  Thanks so much for sharing us with your readers.  What a great New Year's ...more

BlogHer Boston - The Liveblogs

BlogHer Boston kicks off bright and early on October 11, 2008. This is the place to find the liveblogs, which will be posted shortly after the sessions end. Check back often as the links go live! * * * * * * * ...more

You can view footage I streamed live of the Final Keynote from my phone at: more

Children's Birthday Parties with a Purpose

I don't usually like to post about corporate campaigns, but I liked the idea of this one, so I'll bend the rules. Quaker Snack Bars has created Birthday Party with a Purpose Kits in partnership with Kids Care Clubs. Kids Care Clubs are a program of the HandsOn Network whose mission is to, "develop compassion and to inspire a spirit of volunteering in elementary and middle school age youth." ...more

My parents were like that with food.  Way too much health food growing up.  Now I have no self ...more

Blog comments that make you say "wow!"

I have to admit right up front, I'm not a blogger who gets really excited or really bummed about blog comments. I love and appreciate the comments that I get but I spend next to no time worrying about whether a post has comments or not. I don't blog for comments and I spend enough time knee deep in metrics to know that comments do not necessarily indicate success or good writing. ...more

Ok here goes. I am excited about all comments but never had much of a celebrity visit, but when ...more

Meet A Wired Fundraiser: Anne Jackson, FlowerDust

In August, I did a little fundraising experiment that involved Twitter and an integrated offline component at the Gnomedex Conference in Seattle.  I was able to raise $2,657 to cover the costs of college tuition for Leng Sopharath, an orphan in Cambodia in just 90 minutes. By the end of the conference, the total had climbed to $3,774. ...more

what a great opportunity for bloggers to give back.

Share some inspiration with young girls, plus new toys for Windows users

Thanks to Dr. Kiki Wants Your Help at .51 for leading me to The Bird's Brain. ...more

about it since the initial release. I'm thinking it wasn't much competition for the well-loved ...more

Underwear for Africa

Some of the best grassroots fundraising for projects in developing countries take the form of clothing donation campaigns.  ...more

I'm honored ...

Social Media and Diabetes

NetChick: This Chick's Life 1. Tell me about you ...more

good luck with your campaign!