Own Your Beauty, Month 1: Discover Authenticity With Brené Brown

Almost exactly two years ago, I woke up early and lay groggily on my back, trying to will myself to get out of bed and start getting dressed for my executive position as the assistant general counsel of a relatively large software company. As I lay there, staring at the ceiling, feeling somehow pinned to my bed by my bedclothes, I said out loud, almost without thinking: "Enough." ...more

What a wonderful idea. In my lifetime the most beautiful and inspiring women to me have been 50 ... more

Are you REALLY a writer?

I am new to BlogHer.  Exploring the blogs, I am struck by how many women who profile themselves as "dreaming of becoming a writer", "trying to be a writer" or "aspiring writer"....more

What a fabulous blog - and so well targeted! As a Marketeer I spent my 20 year career "writing" ... more

Join BlogHer and the Army of Women to Fight Breast Cancer: Sign Up to Blog on October 1

One in eight women will get breast cancer. But you know that, right? You walk in the fund-raising walks, you do your self-exams, and you worry about your friends who find a lump or start treatment at an early age. October floods the shelves with cutesy pink ribbons, yogurt lids, and vacuums, and you roll your eyes in private at all the attention given to breast cancer awareness. You're AWARE already, and lament that with all the attention and funding given to breast cancer, there should be a cure by now. ...more

Done and done.

This one's for the ... more

Twitter or Facebook: Which Is More Intimate?

Before I left my corporate job, I remember my co-worker visibly recoiling when someone she didn't know followed her on Twitter. She was completely skeeved out that a stranger would violate her in this manner. I was shocked, as well, as I want as many complete strangers to follow me on Twitter as possible, because if they follow me, they might read my blog. My entire social media existence revolves around getting people to read my blog. I want them to read my blog so then they might buy my books. I am very single-minded in my strategy: I want to be a writer. ...more

It really comes down to semantics for me - friends whether real or virtual are still friends, ... more

Insurance and iPhones ....... It's a Weary Path

Sometimes I can be a bit clumsy. When I say a bit clumsy, that is probably a bit of an understatement thinking about it. Cast your mind back ten years, when there was mass hysteria about the millennium bug wreaking havoc on the world. It was predicted that computers would explode, aircraft would plummet to the ground, radio alarm clocks would start blinking, and the whole planet would be plunged into darkness because of power outages. Oh yeh, allegedly the 'bug' was going to result in dead people littering the streets. And if that wasn't enough, the pundits then said that mob looting would be commonplace, and therefore the remaining populace would be machine-gunned by trigger happy cops. Not in the UK of course, that would be uncivilised. Us mobbers would be truncheoned to death. ...more

I think you should consider the refunded policy excess in the same manner you would the $1.50 ... more