Well lets cut to the chase-he's MARRIED!! There I said it. My story matches a lot of them, they just dont admit them. I am not wanting, needing and looking for help!! It all started 8 yrs ago when I was going through a divorce, I met the one?? He told me he also was going through a divorce. I brought him into my kids and my life and we fell quickly in love. We have had our ups and downs, and lately all he focuses on is the downs. I found out he wasnt going through a divorce and still stayed as he promissed one day we would be married!...more

Everything you said makes so much sence! It is so hard to do and so easy to know what you have ... more

Sign of the Times? Texting During Sex

When you read a text, a Twitter or a Facebook status update, do you ever wonder what else the sender is doing?  Hopefully she's not driving, though maybe you picture her doing one of the other things people are known to do while texting:  walking a treadmill, sipping a latte in a coffee shop, or banging her husband like a wild orangutan in heat. Wait, what? ...more

Have I ever done it? NO

But my partner is so into answering his phone or txt during sex so no ... more

Choosing Limbo: What Do You Think of Undivorcing?

I wasn't freaked out; only intrigued. I mean, even marriages that end start from a place of love, and it makes sense that a marriage that ends amicably can be sustained with what amounts to a very complicated friendship. Not everyone seeks divorce and the closure it can bring to a union. This woman was free to date other people and pursue her own interests, her children had an easy transition between co-parenting homes, and her ex-husband-yet-still-husband had the aid he needed in order to live. They had a situation they made work. ...more

Well I am a part of this circus. I am in a relationship of 8 yrs with a man that refused to have ... more