Her name was Minnie, my faithful companion in homelessness. When we first became homeless and started living out of it, my youngest was only one and half years old. My oldest was only about 9 years old then. To my youngest, the rv was home. It wasn't until we came to my friend's house did I realize just how much living out of the rv had affected my daughter until she said "I don't like it in here. I want to go back to OUR house, the rv." That’s when it hit me that her memories of what “home” is are based on the three of us living out an old Minnie Winnebago....more

The issue is about the kids

Recently I saw an article on a Facebook page featuring a headline in the Palm Beach Post News. A woman who commented on the Facebook page made the assumption that the content of the article was a slant against sex offenders and she began a tirade of “statistics” that sex offenders can be rehabilitated. The host who posted the article commented back that not all offenders can be rehabbed....more

Canadian Homelessness: Daniel's Cross

Canada’s homeless have found a friend in filmmaker Daniel Cross. Daniel’s documentaries, THE STREET and S.P.I.T. (Squeegee Punks In Traffic) have won international awards for their radical and very raw take on the lives of homeless people. His current research involves a new project called the Homeless Street Archive as well as other documentaries. With the help of EyeSteelFilm, Daniel founded a non-profit forum for the homeless population so that their voices can be heard. ...more

Thank you for sharing this. I love that good organizations exist to help people in more ways ...more

Are you a N.I.M.B.Y?

What exactly does N.I.M.B.Y mean? For those of you who don’t know, it stands for Not In My Back Yard and now that you know what the acronym stands for, maybe you should be asking what exactly it is that N.I.M.B.Y’s will stand up for. When it comes to the homeless, N.I.M.B.Y attitudes are nothing new and are expected. Maybe you’re a  N.I.M.B.Y and don’t know it yet or maybe you do and keep that part of yourself locked in the closet. Either way, here’s some signs that you might be a N.I.M.B.Y : 1....more

A Secret Affair......

When I first saw him, I knew he belonged to another woman, my best friend in fact. Then it started. Whenever I went to her house to help her with dinner, he quietly watched us in the kitchen. At first he regarded me with his typical nonchalant flair but as he got to know me, his demeanor changed. I know it’s wrong but I couldn’t resist his soulful green eyes. I pretended I didn’t like his displays of affection even though I knew all the while I was falling in love with him. With my fingertips I softly traced the features of his regal face nestled in my lap....more

Glad you enjoyed reading my post but be honest, when you first saw it, you thought it was going ...more

My Poem

This is my poem about people not understanding me....more

Can you write about other stuff besides homelessness?

Can you write about other stuff besides homelessness? I was recently asked this and once again I knew it was somebody else's expression of being uncomfortable with the subject. My answer to this question is: Of course I can but what other subject is so pertinent right now? I could care less who was at your dinner party or what kind of car you drive. I don't care what you do for a living and what tax bracket you're in. I don't need to know what exotic place you went to on vacation....more

Forget about birds and bees. My kid wants to know about tentacles and Chinas.

My seven year old is a thinker. Recently she was lying down in the top bunk of the beds at my friends house and staring up at the ceiling, wondering about things from her point of view. “Mom”, she said, “What’s a tentacle?” “Tentacle? You mean like the arm of an octopus or squid?” I answered back. “No, TENTACLES, you know those things boys have?...more

I am you

“How do I tell you, all the things I have felt for you? I have felt your sorrow, your anguish, your frustration and your joy. I have stood in the shadows, watching. Every struggle you've had, every triumph you've won, I was a spectator to. When you felt the world was too heavy to bear, I stood by you. When you felt alone the most, I carried you. Who am I you ask? I am you.....” Indy Today I write because I must not allow myself to sink into depression. I decided a long time ago that I must focus my energy into other things, positive things....more

Out here.....

I never thought I'd find myself out here. April of 2004 will stay in my memory forever as that was the day I turned in the keys to our apartment and began living out of our car. I tried to get help before this but found out that there's no such thing as rental assistance here because Section 8 is closed to applications and for those who have been on the waiting list, it's awarded like the lottery. Shelters are turning away folks because they were never set up to handle large amounts of people, especially families. I learned how to appear normal during the day and where to find safe places to sleep at night. When I got my income tax return, I bought a used Minnie Winnebago and it became our home for six years. ...more

I spent a great deal of time homeless as a child and as a teen. I can feel your daughter's pain. ...more