Rachael Lorenz

I have worked in the fashion, lifestyle, and dating industry for more than ten... read more

Rachael Lorenz


I have worked in the fashion, lifestyle, and dating industry for more than ten years in the San Francisco Bay Area. My work there as a personal stylist for single men brought me NBC and national press coverage.

My background includes a career as a model recruiter in New York, and long relationships with some of the most noted names in fashion retailing.

Rachael Lorenz Grooming and Dating Coach Portland OregonWhile working in the fashion field in San Francisco, I came to realize that my most rewarding clients were men looking for their Ms. Rights with less than positive results. And I knew then that I wanted to help them beyond their newly achieved well-polished exteriors.

After reading countless books, articles, and blogs for women on dating, and questioning nearly a hundred single women about their dating experiences, the light went ON.

What I learned was that most women had read the same books, articles, and blogs that I had, and were living their single lives employing the advice and rules they’d learned.  They were seekers of dating and relationship knowledge, and they had found some answers to their questions.

It became my theory that if men could get inside the minds of single women, they would understand the rules that many women believe in and practice.

My theory is now my practice. Through sharing my fashion and grooming expertise and knowledge about how women approach dating, I’ve helped countless men achieve the right look and, armed with a better understanding of how single women think, a much greater chance of meeting and keeping their Ms. Rights.

I look forward to meeting and helping you achieve the same success!