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Gobble Gobble: Time for a Thanksgiving Craft Round-Up!

Thanksgiving must be near. My sons have been bringing home turkey craft after turkey craft after really cute turkey craft for the past two weeks. Our refrigerator is covered with various shapes and sizes and colors of gobblers. I almost don't need to plan any crafts for us to do at home, except that even with my craft-fail-slash-aversion, I think turkey crafts are easy, fun and cute. Plus, teaching my kids to be thankful is of the utmost importance. So bring on the Thanksgiving crafts! ...more

I've got a free printable Thanksgiving Banner on my blog for all those who would like it. It's ... more

Show & Tell: NieNie Asks: What's Your Thanksgiving Centerpiece?

What will be at your centerpiece at Thanksgiving dinner? I am pondering what to use as the centerpiece this year on our turkey table. Any suggestions? Tell me in the comments or show me a picture! (Perhaps this adorable church I found at an antique store.) ...more

We are heading to my in-laws, and then when we come back to the house everyone's hungry--again.. ... more