Finding What Empowers You

Empowerment."To give power to".  Empowering yourself is to be who you are in your heart, mind, body and soul.  In essence, you are allowing yourself to be the best person you can be. You are allowing and giving the gift of love to yourself....more
Found and Bliss Thank you!  It took me finding this passion to realize that I CAN be empowered ... more

Relationships – Not Money – Make the World and Your Small Biz Go Round

During one of our first dates my now husband asked me, “What’s this world all about, Susan?” I answered, “Relationships.”Whether it’s your relationship with family, friends, co-workers, employees, customers, suppliers, competitors, teachers, advisors, etc. – every interaction affects your life in some way. And the value of relationships can’t be ignored, particularly when it comes to building your business....more
These are great lesson to teach!!  It has taken me years to lean that business (and personal ... more

What I Learned About Blogging When I Quit Blogging

At the end of October, I took a three-month sabbatical from my blog to pursue some other writing interests. I approached the break with some excitement and a lot of trepidation. I worried at the time that I was making a terrible mistake, but I've come to decide it was one of the best things I've ever done -- not because there was anything wrong with my blog, but because stepping away from it was an act of courage. I didn't have any great epiphanies during those 90 days, but the separation from the blog gave me the distance I needed to get a few things into perspective. ...more
Katie,   It is quite funny how when we stop something we love to do we find a new appreciation ... more

Behind the Smile: Viral Video Shows Black Female Depression and Friendship

Until a couple of weeks ago, no one knew who Amber Mondane was. On December 6, Amber and her best friend, Nash, made a four minute video that as of this writing has been shared over 56,000 times on Facebook. Amber and Nash silently narrated their story -- one that resonated not only with young black women, but with anyone who has either been touched with depression themselves or knows somebody who has struggled with it in the past. ...more
They are such beautiful girls.  Young and smart.  I feel so sad that they have had to endure ... more

What Are Your Favorite Activities When You Need a Work Break?

Do you still take a lunch break? Rumor has it that many people don't really take a lunch break anymore. It's not just an urban myth, a study by Right Management indicated that people skip lunch breaks about 80% of the time. And a recent California State Supreme Court ruling determined that employers no longer have to ensure that a lunch break is mandatory. Most folks I know just scarf something down at their desk and keep plugging away on their laptop. How about you?...more
I work from home and I am at my desk much of that time so I don't want "blogger butt".  I set ... more

5 Incredibly Useful Gifts for Your Favorite Blogger

So you have a friend or family member who loves to blog, and you want to get her a present that will help her kick it up a notch this year. Here are some ideas on really useful things to give the blog lover in your life. ...more
Great ideas!!  I never thought about actually giving these gifts to bloggers.   ~Allie more

Which of the U.S. National Parks Have You Visited?

Have you ever visited any of the of over 400 national parks that are part of the United States National Park Service? It's one of the best ways to get a first-hand view of this beautiful country in all its variation and wonder. I've watched alligators slither through the river of grass from an air boat on the Florida Everglades. I've seen the sun rise over the dormant volcano Haleakala on Maui....more
I feel biased but I LOVE Yosemite and believe it is the most amazing view in the world.  It's ... more

Deciding to Remain a Family of Three

I grew up the youngest of three. I have two older brothers. MCB is an only child. Growing up, I thought I wanted two kids. I never considered having just one. MCB thought she wouldn't have any kids, but quickly changed her mind when we met. When Roozle was nine-months-old, I read a post by our friends who wrote about choosing to have just one kid. Until then, we hadn't considered just having one. It's always about children, not child. ...more
You sound like you have a full house anyway.  LOL. How many cats was that? :-P   You will be ... more

Can You Teach Someone How to Write Good Content?

The key to high blog traffic is writing good content, but Bebehblog wonders aloud if it's possible to really teach someone that skill. Is it a case of some people having writing talent and others struggling to express themselves with words, or can anyone become a writer with the right guidance? Or is the real answer, when it comes to blogging, that aiming for the high blog traffic doesn't appeal to everyone and therefore doesn't always matter? ...more
I think everyone has the opportunity to write great content.  Some people aren't writers by ... more

The Anthem of the Stylish Muslim Woman

No matter who you are, what you do, how much money you make, or how curvy/tall/petite/small you are (or want to be) fashion can feel intimidating. I think this is especially true for Muslim women who wear hijab. No matter where we go we carry this announcement of faith around with us. And though it can feel incredibly empowering and superhero-like to know that a 1,400 year-old-religion is thriving among Muslim women who could otherwise be lost among the herds of cleavage and short-shorts, it can also be a little nerve-wracking....more
Thank you so much for giving this wonderful point of view.  I am not Muslim so I do not know ... more