Making Your Own Baby Food

Cathleen Edgerly Visit me at TheMomster Diaries ...more

Baby Vaccinations

We all have at least heard something regarding the endless debates over the past couple of years, that have been centered around baby vaccinations.  As a new parent, I tried to read up on as much information that I could, and also spoke to some of our friends in the medical field to make up my mind about having my son receive all of his vaccinations....more

Breastfeeding and the Workplace

It is always an interesting experience for any new parent to return to work after being off on maternity leave.  There are a variety of challenges, but in my own opinion, none quite as delicate as figuring out how to feed your baby while at work. I do not want to get into a debate of breastfeeding vs. formula feeding ....more

1st Baby Cold

So it's been a few days since I've blogged, but that's because it finally hit.  I knew that with the cooler weather, shared space with other family members,, my husband bringing home germs from his students, etc that "it" would eventually happen. (Insert suspenseful music here) My little man has his first viral respiratory infection! The constant running nose, bubbles of snot, watery eyes, and slight cough all add to days full of wiping, comforting, sleeping, and basical...more

"Do the Right Thing"

So after being off on maternity leave I was visiting my office and showing off my new little man to co-workers. Of course, I had the usual questions like "How are you feeling?" "Hasn't it gone by fast?" "Are you ready to come back?" etc. But in the midst of all of these one of my male co-workers asked me if I would be returning to work soon or would choose to become a stay-at-home mom....more

Learn As You Go

Welcome to my Momster Diaries Blog. I started this as a result of an assignment in my MSU New Media Class. As I was reading how to get started and being advised to write about a subject I was passionate about; something that would make me marvel at my own brilliance, I’ll admit not a lot of things were coming to mind that weren’t immediately crossed off the list. There were content limitations, subjects that felt more like work, and costs limitations....more