Thinking About It vs. Doing It

Do you have a big "it" in life that you think about, dream about, talk about..., but you hesitate to really take the actions necessary to make the "it" a reality? After much research, planning, and thinking…I’ve decided to leap into a new path in life. Some people like blindly leaping into new aspects of their life. Some prefer to know a bit before they jump. And, some like to know everything there is to know and they either forget to jump or never get around to jumping....more


I hope you're business is going well, and the rewards of following your vision into ... more

(VIDEO) Psychology Today on The Beauty Myth. Again, Seriously?

According to Amy Alkon, either my husband is not biologically/genetically man or he is blind. That’s because I managed to “catch” (or “snag” or “land” -- she uses all of these hunting metaphors in her article ”The Truth About Beauty" in Psychology Today on why you better be attractive if you don’t want to die alone and poor with 17 cats who eat your face off before anyone even notices that you are missing because who would care about you anyway if you aren’t physically attractive according to a narrow set of standards) him while I was 35 pounds overweight and did not wear make-up. ...more


You're beautifully gorgeous just for speaking your mind. Psychology Today seems to ... more

Kicking Toxic Relationships to the Curb!

Bulk trash pick-up for toxic relationships? My housing development just sent me a reminder via email that on Friday there is a bulk trash pick-up. I just laid my toddler down for his nap...and I've been distractedly cleaning and organizing the house all day long trying to figure out what the heck we need to keep, what we can do without, and when I can start doing marriage education in our new city! This multi-tasking momma is wondering where super woman is when she needs her! I received the first reminder yesterday of the bulk trash pick-up....more

...when you find yourself in a relationship where you feel more tired and drained than you do ... more

Fixated on Food

In my quest for food nirvana I attempted two new recipes about a week ago.... Leek and proscutto pasta, and Ginger steak salad.  The pasta was great and only took me 2 hours and a speeding ticket to make (most expensive dinner I've ever had) The salad was a PAIN in the BUTT you had to creat the marinade.... let me preface this with I enjoy food but I do not enjoy making food  I had to ask The Man In My Life how to crush and mince garlic....more

I recently had the neighbors over for dinner while we were attempting to carve three pumpkins as ... more

Why Married Sex Is Hot Sex: Yes, You Read That Right

iVillage recently released a survey of 2,000 married women that asked: How often do you have sex? And please, girlfriend, don't pretend you're not dying to know. ...more

On my blog there are more statistics that have come out recently about people in marriages being ... more

How Do You Get a Happier Marriage?

Reading about long-term relationships isn't always fun. Facebook fuels divorce. Tiger Woods and Jesse James are serial-cheating douchebags. Squeaky-clean Jon and Kate Gosselin turned out to be not-so-happy, not-so-in-love-with-their lives, fame-seeking trainwrecks. And, oh, man -- Melissa and Tammy just split after seven years. Everywhere I look in the media, I see lives actually torn asunder by the break-up of marriage or long-term cohabitation. And I ask myself: Is this what could happen to my beautiful life? Is that heartbreak inevitable in today's culture? ...more


Hello. I'm brand new to the BlogHer community, and I stumbled across this post--so ... more

Healthy Relationships: Differentiation of Self

Post first appeared on my blog:

I agree that reading Eckhart Tolle's book is cause for some great introspection. I have worked ... more