Helping My Daughter Get Ready & Organized for Middle School

What they say is definitely true -- time flies when you have kids. I remember that the first five years of Abbi’s life seemed like such a long time, up until she was ready to head off to kindergarten. And then I blinked -- and now she’s going into seventh grade and starting middle school. With school beginning in a few weeks, we’re already in high gear to get everything prepared. For all three of my girls, this means making sure they’ve got school clothes, shoes, notebooks, pencils, etc. But for Abbi, there are additional challenges to consider as well. ...more
Getting ready to send my twins to middle school, which starts in 5th grade here! Nervous is an ...more

Righty or lefty?

One of the burning questions in my husband's mind as our children were born and have grown, has been whether they would turn out to be right-handed, left-handed - or both. He's always found it interesting that his mother and her first husband (both left-handed) produced two right-handed children, while his parents together (one right-handed, one left-handed) ended up with two lefties.  The question becomes even more complicated in our case when you consider that I am not exactly right-handed or left-handed, but pretty much ambidextrous in most ways. ...more

Sarah Lee

Being ambidextrous do you have musical talent?  ...more

The 'Me Too' Syndrome

My husband and I talked about having three children from the time we knew that we would be getting married. Well, initially he wanted to have six kids, but I managed to talk him down—thinking that six might be just a bit too much to afford. Three seemed like a nice number. ...more

New here!

Hi! Just found my way over here and wanted to say hello! My blog is at - come and check it out! ...more

I've added your blog to my list of places to visit today. Surf around and have some fun at ...more