Reusable Pads: Get Green, Period

I use washable cloth menstrual pads. (Ha! How's that for just jumping into things without any preamble?) Squeamish people, this post is filled with details about something that comes out of my girly bits every month. If you’re a girl, then there’s a pretty good chance that stuff comes out of your girly bits every month too. Or it used to. Or it will someday. So if you’re bothered by talk of menstruation...skip on by this post....more

I use the Mooncup UK and LOVE it, I have for 5 years now. I also use the reusable pads as a ... more

Week 2: Explore and Win an iPad!

Last week we invited you to take a look around our redesigned homepage. We love the feedback you gave us and now we'd like to share some of our features beyond the homepage. And, since we are still in a jolly giving mood, this week we want to give you a chance to win an iPad! ...more

I love the profile features and Blogher in general!

Jenny Kerr is the creator of The ... more

10 Frugal Kitchen Tips For The Holiday Hostess

The holiday season is just around the corner. If you are hosting a holiday dinner, now is the time to start preparing. I know it’s tough to think about this early, but planning ahead will help you save time and money. Waiting until the last minute can cause you to go overboard with your spending and, gasp, pay full price! Here are 10 tips to help you create a budget friendly holiday dinner. ...more

Ok everyone, thanks for the comments. I will try to work up a part two to this ... more

Grounded for Life

Alex, my cat, was always an indoor cat.  However, on occasion, and under supervision, my husband and I would let him go outside. He loved to sun himself on the deck. ...more

I had a similar situation with my cat a few years ago, he ran outside after another cat that had ... more

Consumers Face New Bank Fees

Remember those $35 checking account overdraft fees that were almost universally hated? Banks are in the business of making money. In previous years, they scored big profits on high overdraft fees. When the credit card reform act passed in 2009, however, new regulations meant that banks will no longer be making big bucks from fees and penalties. But consumers won't be seeing a end to fees -- as some fees went away, others popped up. ...more

I use a credit union, very few or low fees, I love it!

Jenny Kerr is the creator of ... more

More Than An Email Forward: A Visit With Molly, the Amputee Horse

In early 2009, Molly appeared in my inbox as yet another heartwarming animal-themed email forward from Mom. (Cat Adopts Baby Squirrel! Dog Frolics With Deer! Kitten and Parakeet Are Best Friends!) But somehow, Molly's story rose above the cloying cuteness and hit me in the gut. A Louisiana horse who'd lost her leg in the post-Katrina madness, Molly persevered (assisted by perceptive humans) and became a model case for amputees everywhere. ...more

This is a great story! Thanks for sharing!

Jenny Kerr is the creator of The Jenny ... more