Hi, I'm Vanina. That's "Va" as in Va-Va-Voom and "Nina" as in the chunky,... read more



Hi, I'm Vanina. 

That's "Va" as in Va-Va-Voom and "Nina" as in the chunky, lit-loving girl on The Young & The Restless who was married to Phillip and when he died, married Ryan and when he died, started a fiery fling with the writer Tomas.

Professionally, I'm an Art Director at an ad agency in Minneapolis. I work on stuff that makes me happy, like Aveda, Caribou Coffee and Schwinn. I love going in to work each day and learning something new. I'm curious like that, and not very indefatigable.

Personally, I'm a mother/wife/lover of words. I'm charmed and cursed in equal measures. I'm lucky to have married an amazing, romantic guy, have a little girl and a baby boy, and have the passion to pursue a literary career. Balancing it all, however, is a trick I haven't come anywhere close to mastering.

In a typical turn of my fit-and-start life, I've started a blog, The Fruitie. What's a fruitie, you ask? It's a foodie, with a fruit obsession. Fruit, yes. Come for a visit and you'll hear my tales of life, family and digestible plants.