Who needs a therapist? It's amazing what a little retail therapy can do to soothe the soul!

So, it's one of those rainy days in sunny San Diego.  I'm holed up in the house with two little girls and bored out of my mind.  What do I do?  Well while my two daughters partake in a PBS-feast, I log on to the Internet and start checking out some "sales."  Dangerous?  Yup.  Especially when you can find some great deals, i.e., no added costs (taxes) and free shipping.  But what else?  How about finding even more discounts?...more

Dealing with disappointment...

There are certain times that find myself actually jealous of my children -- such as their lack of having to deal with real life problems and ability to truly live in the moment.  I keep telling my three year old that these are some of the best years of her life.   Her response?  She just stares at me blankly -- as I am sure I did when I was her age and someone told me the same thing I'm telling her.But today I find myself  jea...more

Girlfriends = Sanity

Looking back at my life, I see how important my girlfriends are and were in my life.  From keeping me out of trouble; being the voice of reason; having my back; providing free therapy sessions; making me laugh through my tears; and just plain listening when it seems no one else could -- my girlfriends have all made lasting and important contributions to strengthening and supporting me in times of need.  Now that I'm raising two girls of my own, I...more

Love, love, love : Valentine's Day

So Valentine's Day is right around the corner and I have to admit tonight's episode of GLEE really put me in the mood for celebration.  To my defense, I have already been prepping for the love-fest by handcrafting Dum Dum lollipop flowers for Paige's preschool party on Thursday -- and making extra for her playgroup party on V-Day.  Note the picture and presentation.  Quite impressive, if I do say so myself.  http...more

HGTV's House Hunters makes home buying look so easy...too bad it's not!

I'm an HGTV fan fanatic.  Really!  My husband says that I have the channel on 24/7.  Maybe because I'm slightly obsessed with buying a new home and/or updating our current living arrangements -- or maybe just because the show is kid friendly and I can have it on and not worry about my toddlers hearing or seeing anything that should not.   One of my favorite shows is HGTV's House Hunters.  I love that show.  I mean three houses in a half hour and BOOM, the couple always seems to select the right one and they're all moved in and happy -- all withi...more

Well, we went for it. And so did someone else. We ended up in a multiple bid situation and the ...more

Cause I'm leaving on a jet plane...(http://notanotherdirtydiaper.blogspot.com/)

Yup, call me crazy but I did it.  I booked myself a flight to the psych ward...well, not quite but....  I did do what some believe is the unthinkable.  I booked myself and my two "toddler" daughters on a cross country (San Diego to Newark) trip for the holidays and am flying solo....meaning no hubs in sight.    Why?  Well, have you taken a look at what airfare costs this year?  In order to get the best deal possible...since we are paying...more

Holiday Gift Suggestions (for the 1 year old and younger)

What to buy for a one year old?  Especially when that (nearly) one year old has an older sister who has most everything!  Well I did a bit of research and logged some time window shopping at Babies R Us, Toys R Us, Target and Amazon and here’s my suggestions… Leapfrog My First Book ($14.99+) There are two different versions available.  Good Night Scout and Fide and Seek on the Farm.  I opted for the Farm version and allowed my little one to do a test-run in the store. ...more

The birthday blues

Did anyone else catch last week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?  If so, you saw two moms plan over-the-top birthday parties for their two toddlers.  And yes, I said BOTH moms planned and held elaborate parties.  I mean in comparison, one of the mother’s really went overboard (as did her plastic surgeon regarding her overly plumped lips)….and the final event didn’t even resemble a party for a toddler – more like an adult party with the child as an afterthought because let’s face it, what toddler gives a hoot about floral arrangements?  Mine certainly do...more

Drama mama…

As a mom of two girls, I often wonder what drama their teenage years will bring.  What will our relationships be like and how do I avoid the pitfalls that my own mother and I have experienced?  The recent visit from my own mother made me stop, reflect and realize what an evolving and ever changing relationship mothers and daughters go through.  My oldest daughter is only three years old but during the last few months, I’ve noticed that she is becoming more self sufficient or shall I say self reliant – and therefore I see my role with her changing.  Now my younges...more

Who put the Ma in Glamazon? Not me!

It’s late at night and I’m doing double duty as usual, the multi-tasker that I am.  I’m in the shower bathing myself while also scrubbing the tub clean.  Fun?  Not.  But hey, someone has to do it.    It’s as I step out of the shower and catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror that I literally do a double take.  I don’t recognize myself.  Who is this overweight, pudgy, middle-aged woman staring back at me?  A nightmare perhaps?  I wish.  I was screaming (inside my head) but now, this is my new reality.   ...more